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Wellness for Current Heidelberg Students

Heileggeistkirche -

Emergency and Medical

Illness Report

If you are not feeling well, please fill out an illness report with the Program Assistant on the day you are sick. This form must be handed in to the Program Assistant personally within working hours. The form is only valid if countersigned by the Assistant.

Absence Policy

Every absence totaling more than one in classes that meet once a week, two in classes that meet twice a week, and four in classes that meet four times per week (5 for Intensive German), will result in lowering the final grade by one third of a grade (A to A-, A- to B+, B+ to B, etc.). Absences on Mondays, Thursdays and days before the long weekend count double. In weeks with Friday classes, Friday absences count double rather than Thursday classes. Documented illness counts as one absence. Therefore absences should be reserved for emergencies and documented illness only!

Emergency Contacts

  • Police - 110
  • Ambulance - 112
  • Fire - 112
  • Moore Haus Office - 06221-90 25 0
  • Moore Haus Faculty Apartment - 06221-90 25 27

Doctors in Town

If you need to see a doctor, please drop by the office so we can help you make an appointment.


Dr. Robert Balan
Hauptstraße 36, Heidelberg
Phone: 06221-27610

General Practitioner (GP)

Dr. med. Gabriele Jung and Dr. med. Dieter Jung
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 23a, Heidelberg
Phone: 06221-183021

Dermatologist (Skin)

Dr. Dirk Siebold
Landfriedstraße 10, Heidelberg
Phone: 06221-20469


Dr. Anne Schenk und Dr. Andreas Schenk
Hauptstraße 113, Heidelberg
Phone: 06221-28058


Dr. Helga Kohl-Eisenhut
Hauptstraße 73, Heidelberg
Phone: 06221-184222


ATOS Klinik Heidelberg
Bismarckstraße 9, Heidelberg



Studying and living abroad is an exciting adventure but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Often students may struggle with the transition of being in a new country, the changes to routine and daily life, being far from support networks back home, and managing the stress of juggling the academic, social, and personal demands of such a transformative year.

Feelings such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment, and confusion can emerge, and previous emotional and mental health struggles may re-emerge as well. The time abroad can feel quite tough for many students, and counseling is one way that students can be supported during their stay in Heidelberg.

The counseling service is :
-free for Pepperdine students
Counseling services are available on alternating Tuesdays from 7-9 pm at Frau Hagen's practice. To schedule an appointment, please contact the counselor, Anja Hagen, using your PEPPERDINE email address at :
For more information on the psychologist/psychotherapist, please visit:


Spiritual Life

Churches in Heidelberg

Gemeinde Christi (Church of Christ)

German Sunday morning service @ 10 am Steubenstraße 17, Heidelberg

Freie Evangelische Gemeinde (FEG)

German Sunday morning service @ 10 am
Haberstraße 19, Heidelberg (Rohrbach-Süd)

Calvary Chapel

BILINGUAL Sunday morning and evening services @ 10:30 am 7 pm
Vangerowstraße 51A, Heidelberg

Life Church

BILINGUAL Sunday morning service @ 9:30 and 11:15 am
Bergheimer Straße 133, Heidelberg

The English (Anglican) Church

English Sunday service @ 12 noon except 2nd Sunday in the month
Plöck 44/corner Schießtorstraße

Jesuitenkirche (Catholic)

Merianstraße 2, Heidelberg
Please check website for services, as time and place vary

Heiligeistkirche/Providenzkirche (Protestant)

Hauptstraße, Heidelberg
Please check website for services, as time and place vary


Other Meetings

Taize Services

An hour of singing and prayer once a month in the crypt of the Jesuitenkirche.
What is Taizé?