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TRANSACT Payment (formerly CASHNet) Online Deposits

Pepperdine departments have the option of using TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits for convenient and accurate online preparation of departmental deposits to the Cashier's Office. Cash Bags are assigned by the Cashier's Office.

What Is TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits?

TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits is the University's web-based cashiering application used to process department deposits and other types of payments to the University. Departments can use TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits to conveniently and quickly enter their deposit information online and to view receipt and deposit information and status anytime. Check and cash deposits must still be physically delivered to the Cashier's Office to complete the deposit, but the need for filling out the paper Deposit Form is eliminated and processing time at the Cashier's Office is reduced.

Who Should Use TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits?

TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits is recommended for all departments that make frequent deposits (one or more deposits a week) to the Cashier's Office. Departments that make only occasional deposits should continue to prepare deposits using the paper Deposit Form.

What Are the Advantages of Using TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits?

  • TRANSACT Payment Online Deposit's ability to auto-fill chartfield string and other frequently referenced departmental information reduces the time to prepare deposits and improves accuracy of information.
  • Deposits can be prepared online, anytime.
  • Processing time at the Cashier's Office is significantly streamlined as all the deposit information is available to Cashier's online.
  • Authorized department staff can view deposit history and pending deposit information online, anytime.

How Can My Department Get Access to TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits?

You can request access to TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits for your department by contacting the Cashier's Office.

What Happens After My Department Requests Access?

Once your request is received, the requester, designated operators, and supervisor receive an email confirming the request and notification of TRANSACT Payment Online Deposit account set-up processing time (usually 3-5 business days).

Once setup of the Department TRANSACT Payment Online Deposit account is complete, a "Congratulations" email is sent to the designated operators and supervisor, including step-by-step procedures on how to access TRANSACT Payment Online Deposits for the first time and how to manage passwords and on-going department access.

Questions? Need Assistance?

For online set up and password reset assistance, please contact the Cashier's Office.