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Substantiation Requirements for Alternative Payment Options

Substantiation for all transactions requires the following:

  • Receipt bearing the supplier's name
  • Date of transaction
  • Itemized list of items purchased
  • Verification of the source of funds attached to the app/account**

** It is necessary to show that the app is not attached to a University credit card or to a gift card; purchases made with a gift card will not be reimbursed.

Most payment options will allow you to access an itemized receipt from their website, or one will be emailed to you, or you can obtain a receipt directly from the supplier if goods are obtained in person. These receipts should contain all of the necessary requirements listed above; this is the preferred source of substantiation.

If a printed, web-based or emailed receipt is not available, you may provide screenshots of the above required information from your app on your phone (these screenshots must be printed out prior to requesting Petty Cash reimbursement; showing information on your phone to Cashier is not sufficient).

To verify the source of funds attached to the app/account, take screenshots of the credit card attached to the account, along with a screenshot from your app that lists the receipt total. If your app does not contain this information, you can provide a copy of a bank statement that includes the supplier name and the receipt total.

See below for examples of acceptable receipts or phone screenshots that can be used as substantiation.

Amazon Pay

Apple Pay


Google Pay



Samsung Pay

Starbucks App

Uber App