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Ground Transportation

Airport Transfers: The airport shuttle service should be the preferred method of transportation to a hotel or meeting site. Taxis and private limousines should be used only when they represent a more reasonable alternative or are essential due to time constraints.

Taxis: Taxi use should be limited, with preference given to public transportation. If public transportation is unavailable or inadequate for local travel, then taxis may be used.

Car Rentals: A Driver Status Form must be submitted and approved by the Office of Insurance and Risk prior to an employee renting a car or driving on behalf of university business.

An "Auto Accident Packet" which includes a proof of insurance card, a checklist to follow in an accident, and forms to report an accident must be obtained from the Office of Insurance and Risk prior to an employee driving a rental car on behalf of university business. Please contact the Office of Insurance and Risk to obtain the packet.

To be eligible to rent a car on a University credit card, a driver must be an approved University driver meeting all the requirements of the University Driver Policy. Car rentals must be in the name of Pepperdine University and in the individual's name.
Employees must not purchase insurance from car rental agencies for rentals within the United States as the University's automobile insurance will apply as primary coverage. Pepperdine University's insurance will respond for rental terms of less than 30 consecutive days (as long as the automobile is rented in the name of Pepperdine University). Additional insurance offered by a car rental company is not necessary and purchasing this insurance is not reimbursable.

Car rentals originating outside the United States should include insurance from the car rental agency. Prior to renting vehicles outside the United States, please notify the Office of Insurance and Risk.

Prior to an employee taking possession of a rental car, employees should thoroughly inspect it to assure that any existing damage is noted on the rental agreement.

Employees involved in an accident with a rental car should follow the checklist provided in the "Auto Accident Packet" which includes the following:

  • Secure the scene
  • Seek medical aid if injured
  • Notify the local police department
  • Provide information to and obtain information from the other driver
  • Take photos of the vehicles and scene
  • The employee should alert the Office of Insurance and Risk regarding the accident and refer the rental company, injured party or anyone claiming injury to contact the Office of Insurance and Risk at (310) 506-4410
  • The employee should be prepared to furnish the Office of Insurance and Risk with the completed forms from the "Auto Accident Packet" and any photos of the accident.

If an employee elects to retain the rental vehicle for personal travel or vacation, the employee is responsible for providing appropriate auto insurance coverage during that period of time. Please note that some car rental agencies may require the vehicle be turned back in to activate a new contract under different auto insurance coverage.


University Ground Transportation Policies


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