Employee Reimbursements

Pepperdine University will reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the execution of University business.

Reimbursement requests are made with Expense Reports through the Travel and Expense Center in PeopleSoft Financials. It is the responsibility of the employee who incurred the expense to collect and organize the appropriate original receipts, and give them to the designated departmental Travel & Expense submitter in a timely manner.


Travel & Expense module training is available from the Information Technology Department. Please visit IT's page for a schedule of classes.


Approved Expense Reports and Travel Cash Advance requests are due the Thursday prior to the desired Wednesday check run.

Each expense needs its own line on the expense report. That is, if two lunches are being reimbursed, they should be listed separately even if they were expensed on the same business trip.

Who, What, Where, When, and Why

Substantiation of reimbursable expenses must detail who incurred the expense, what was purchased, where the transaction occurred, the date the transaction occurred, and the business purpose of the expense.

Protecting Your Information

If a receipt, statement, or other document used for substantiation includes your full, 16-digit credit card number, use a permanent marker to black out the first 12 digits before scanning the document. This allows for secure transmission of your personal data over the Internet.

Paperless ER Submission

Accounts Payable requires all supporting documentation to be scanned and electronically attached to the expense report or advance. Accounts Payable will accept three document types: Word documents (.doc or .docx), Excel spreadsheets (.xls or .xlsx), or PDFs. The scan must be of good quality and legible. All Canon copiers are capable of scanning to networked computers. Please see the Information Technology page for scanning instructions.

Advance Eligibility

Travel Cash Advances are available for out-of-pocket cash expenses while traveling on University business. Travel must be outside of the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino.


Mileage should be submitted for reimbursement at least monthly, or weekly if your travel schedule warrants it. Mileage must be detailed in one of two ways: on the Expense Report's lines or using Accounts Payable's Mileage Log. Each trip or leg of a trip should be on a separate line.

Direct Deposit

In order to receive a reimbursement or advance via ACH, direct deposit must be enabled in your Payroll preferences. If your Payroll deposits are made to multiple accounts, please be aware that reimbursements will be credited to the first account in the list. To see your Payroll preferences or set up direct deposit, click on "My Information" in WaveNet Home, and choose "Direct Deposit" from the Payroll and Compensation menu.

Reassignment Procedure

If an employee's HR Supervisor is out of the office for an extended time, the employee's expense report approvals can be reassigned temporarily. The Budget Manager must contact Deborah Ashe, Susan Armstrong, or David Brant to request re-assignation of an HR Supervisor's approval role.

Last Updated: 10/19/2012