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A Special Message from Human Resources

Dear Pepperdine Faculty and Staff:

As members of the Pepperdine community, we are charged with maintaining the standards of the University. We are all responsible for practicing integrity, honesty, and fairness in our daily work. As a Christian university affiliated with the Churches of Christ, Pepperdine treats everyone with the respect and kindness that we have been called to show one another. The University community is a space where lives intersect and knowledge is discovered, which fortifies the strength found in our differences and uncovers the virtues revealed in diversity, unity, and restoration. To that end, Pepperdine is committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination and reserves its right to remain a Christian university by favoring co-religionists in its employment and admissions decisions.

I encourage you to review the information below. While we should all already be aware of these items, I hope this is a helpful reminder of various policies and resources available to you.

Code of Ethics

At Pepperdine, we are called to something greater and nobler than mere compliance with the law. The Code of Ethics describes the values and ethical expectations of our community. Please review the policy here.

Communicating Suggestions and Concerns

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to communicate concerns about the community, report incidents or misconduct, and make suggestions for improvement. Communication is encouraged via the:

University Policies

University policies provide community expectations, as well as available resources regarding the important issues of harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence. Many University policies for faculty and staff are linked on the Human Resources website.

Please review the following policies by clicking the links below:

We encourage you to review the following policies, which have been added and/or revised during the past year:

COVID-19 Protocols, Guidelines, and Resources

The University implemented COVID-19 protocols, guidelines, and resources to remain in compliance with national, state, and local laws, as well as help ensure the health and safety of the Pepperdine community. Please reference the University's Coronavirus webpage for updated information.

  • COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines[BROKEN LINK]
  • Expense Optimization Guidelines
  • Technology Stipend
    • A COVID-19 technology stipend of $38 per month is available for eligible full-time employees. A COVID-19 technology stipend of $15 per month is available to eligible part-time employees while working remotely effective as of March 1. These stipends intend to cover a reasonable portion of cell phone, internet, and other technology costs of working remotely. Please contact Finance to facilitate reimbursement of other essential costs according to the University's existing reimbursement process. For additional information, refer to the University's financial policies and Finance community page.
  • Please remember that all University policies, such as accurate timekeeping, remain in effect during the remote work environment.

Sexual Misconduct Policy and Title IX Coordinator

Title IX prohibits educational institutions from discriminating based on sex. The University's Title IX Coordinator is responsible for implementation of Title IX compliance on campus. The University Title IX Coordinator is available to receive complaints of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

The University Title IX Coordinator is La Shonda Coleman, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. Please review the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy and additional Title IX information here.

Reporting Abuse of Minors, Elders, and Dependent Adults

Informed by our Code of Ethics, every member of the Pepperdine community has the obligation to report any and all information regarding abuse of a minor, elder, or dependent adult. A failure to report such information constitutes a violation of University policy. If you are unsure whether you have a legal obligation to report suspected abuse or other crimes to law enforcement, or are unsure how to do so, the Department of Public Safety is prepared to assist you. While many of our policies specify offices or individuals to whom reports should be made, please remember that the following offices may receive information about suspected abuse or other crimes:

  • Department of Public Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Dean's Office for each school
  • Office of Vice President for Student Affairs

Reporting Crimes

All members of the Pepperdine community should report all criminal and/or suspicious activity to Public Safety immediately. The Clery Act, however, requires that all Campus Security Authorities, who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, report all crimes. Campus Security Authorities include, but are not limited to, Public Safety personnel, coaches, resident advisors, Greek life leaders, Student Affairs leadership, and deans. Please report Clery crimes to Public Safety, unless there is an alternate existing form that your role already utilizes for reporting crimes.

Thank you for contributing to the integrity of the Pepperdine community and furthering the University's mission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sean Michael Phillips
Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Business Services