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January Wellness: Productivity & Creativity Month


Human Resources' Thrive Wellness Program is pleased to highlight our own Productivity and Creativity Month by providing you with tailored resources to aid in your personal and professional development:

  • Human Resources and the Libraries continue the Book of the Month series with January's selection, Imagine: How Creativity Works, by Jonah Lehrer. Imagine reveals the deep inventiveness of the human mind, and its essential role in our increasingly complex world. "New York Times" -- Bestselling author Lehrer ("How We Decide") introduces readers to musicians, graphic artists, poets, and bartenders to show how they can use science to be more imaginative and make their cities, their companies, and their culture more creative.
  • The Pepperdine monthly wellness theme for January is Productivity and Creativity, for which we have compiled and attached a helpful resource guide for you.
  • Visit the Human Resources blog, HR Happenings, for the latest webinar offerings.

We hope these resources will help you to discover more proactive ways to ensure you're the healthiest you can be and can further educate others around you.