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Stress Less Parenting: Charting a New Course Forward in 2021 and Beyond

Come join this webinar to learn how to simplify and connect with your children as we chart a new course as parents to stress less and to add new tools to manage your anxiety, to stay calm and to be present for your children.


Colon Cancer: Risks, Prevention and Screening

Colon cancer is common but often preventable! Even during COVID-19, Colorectal Cancer screening is essential and should not be delayed. Join gastroenterologist, Dr. Ronald Omino from UCLA Health, for an overview of colon and rectal cancer, including what causes the disease, risk factors, how to prevent it and the importance of screening.


Cancer Prevention: A Comprehensive Guide

UCLA Health’s Dr. Austin Davis will discuss how you can help reduce the risk of cancer by making healthy choices, as well as, the importance of following recommended screening guidelines to help detect certain cancers early.


Cyber Security At Your Home and Remote Office

This webinar will cover attacker methods and motivation as well as how to "check the doors and windows are locked" on your home computer, network and remote work office. Three major topics are covered including: Home Cyber Security, Remote Work Cyber Security and Tools for Secure Remote work. The latter section will show you how simple it is to use our seven remote tools.


Navigating the Way Back to Campus: Strategies for Managing the Transition and Empowering Students

Reset! (Again)! Prepare your children and teens for the move back to campus in the post-pandemic world. Learn strategies to help students improve time management, organization, independence, and stress control.

Meghan Eaken

Parenting Support Groups: Balancing Work and Family

In support of our parent and caregiver employees, we are pleased to again offer small parenting support groups. Participants will attend a three-part series, with one session per week for three weeks, led by an accredited therapist.


Stress Fractures: Healing Strained Relationships

Are your family, friends, or co-workers stressing you out? Relationships that are meant to be sanctuaries can become sources of stress during difficult times. Join us to learn about the anatomy of relational stress and what you can do about it.

Ronee Dakin

Retirement Planning Webinar Series

You need to plan for all aspects of your retirement in order to be fully prepared. This webinar series offers critical information into several areas that are each critical to a successful, sustainable plan for the transition to and through retirement. Specifically curated for those nearing retirement or age 55+.

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April Wellness: Stress

Human Resources’ Thrive Wellness Program is pleased to celebrate Stress Awareness Month by providing you with tailored resources to aid in your personal and professional development:

William Harvey

Witness to Truth: Holocaust Remembrance

Mr. William Harvey, a Holocaust Survivor, will share his unique personal testimony, which will inspire you with his bravery and fortitude. From his experiences, attendees will also learn principles of empathy and compassion by way of the personal experience faced by Mr. Harvey.