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Uvalde Texas School Shooting - Support Resources

The deadly attack on the Texas elementary school children and teachers is devastatingly horrific and a painful reminder of recent mass shooting tragedies and other senseless gun violence events. The emotional trauma is overwhelming for all of us. Health Advocate is available as a resource to assist you and your family during this difficult time.

Health Advocate is a 24/7 resource and offers up to 10-free coaching sessions per matter.

To get started, just call: 866.799.2728

Emotional Support

  • Talk to an EAP professional about feelings of helplessness,
    hopelessness, anger, fear, confusion
  • Help with anxiety, stress, fear, and how to talk with your kids about
    the shooting and their safety
  • Tips to stay positive and productive

Information and Resources

  • Connect to updates from law enforcement agencies
  • Find local and national news coverage
  • Explore resources for preparing and protecting loved ones

Visit the Health Advocate EAP+Work/Life website for resources and up-to-date information.