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Copy Development for Email


Developing strong and active copy for your email content will not only optimize the next step the recipient takes from their email, but also the experience the recipient has with the Pepperdine University brand.

Developing Strong Copy

Copy should not be misleading to the recipient with regards to the purpose of the email. 

  • An advertisement, a solicitation or promotion, of an event or service must be clear and representative of the source. You do not want to cross-communicate a message unless it is explicitly relevant to the recipient.

i.e., Alumni emails would not be sent to Students, and vice versa.

  • Third-party promotion should not abuse the access of the information, please consult with the IMC group for more information on best practices.

Apply linking when appropriate and include more detailed information on the website. Do not apply multiple links in a single paragraph, prioritize the purpose of the paragraph and the message, and use the website to connect to other pages, etc..

Copy Development

  • Make it personal, upbeat tone and speak to the reader, and write in active voice instead of a passive voice.
  • Know your audience, if the intention of the email is for current, not prospective students, and vice versa, be aware of the purpose.
  • Use SEO terms that are task oriented and relevant to the product, service or subject, in general.
    • Terms applied should also reflect keyword search applications
  • Prioritize your content; lead with the most relevant and timely content to the reader.
  • Keep sentences simple and concise, do not use complex editorial language.
  • Lead with 2, not 5.
    • What is it and why should I care?
  • Apply existing editorial standards when developing email copy.