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Email Development and Execution

Primary Email Elements

Sender Profile

Must be representative of the entity sending the email. To protect and build the Pepperdine University (any domain with the application of ''), and to develop your sender reputation (the relationship your recipient has with your email marketing communications), consistency is necessary and will be monitored by the administrators of the system. For more questions, please contact Arwa Sutarwala.


Use engaging and relevant subjects, you do not want to mislead your reader (CAN-SPAM). Use emojis with caution and when most appropriate; while some brands apply these to their subject lines, they do not execute consistently across all domains or devices. 65 Characters in a subject line has a strong performance in relation to reading rates.


This is the text seen in the recipient's inbox, this is the light grey text or first line of the email copy. This text will need to be kept short and to the point, usually, this is an in-active 'call to action'. 


This text is applied to the copy of the email marketing communication to introduce the subject matter of the remaining copy. This should be kept short and to the point. There can be a hierarchy applied to your email, as needed, this hierarchy is defined in styling and should not be customized by the individual building the email.


This is the supporting content of your message, in a text format. This content should convince the reader to follow through to the next step to the website, event registration, etc..

Digital Media 

Images can say 1000 words or simply complement copy. Digital media can include static images and animated gifs. Videos are not hosted in emails, rather on a website or landing page.

Call To Action

This element should always be in your email marketing communication. This can be a clear action-oriented button or an inline link associated with the copy.

Template Standards & Build-Out

There is a standard set of email templates and content blocks available to each School with their respective logo. In addition to, a standard Pepperdine University email template with the application of major Units.


For the development of your individual email, there are established content blocks in compliance with University Brand Standards, please use the existing blocks for building out your email, applying images and copy accordingly.

  • If there is a specific layout or design not available, please contact Arwa Sutarwala on the Digital Marketing team with the Integrated Marketing Communications group for more information.
  • Do not create new zones types, visual divides or CTA buttons without the help of IMC.


For the set-up of your content blocks on your email template canvas, the following rules would apply;