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Dispute Resolution Clinics and Externships


In the Clinical Education Program students practice law under the supervision of law professors with real clients and high stakes, in a rigorous learning environment. This includes clinics, externships and practicums, in which students gain skills that transfer directly to their future careers.


In clinics, students work under faculty supervision with real clients and real cases. We currently offer five JD Clinics:


The Legal Aid Clinic at the Union Rescue Mission serves clients who are homeless on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Students provide pro bono legal services in a variety of civil matters, including family law, income tax, consumer law, benefit controversies and post-conviction reentry.

The Community Justice Clinic provides legal services for non-profit, religious or community organizations who are working to promote justice and to develop opportunities an resources for vulnerable, under served people and communities.  Students provide corporate counsel and services, including formation, governance and compliance.

The Ninth Circuit Appellate Advocacy Clinic represents indigent clients as court-appointed counsel in briefing and arguing appeals before the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Students evaluate strategy and legal issues, research intensively, write and submit appellate briefs and present oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Restoration and Justice Clinic provides legal services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other gender-based crimes. Students build collaborative relationships with professionals in Southern California to facilitate comprehensive services for our clients and to provide experiences in multidisciplinary practice for our students.

The Low Income Tax Clinic (LITC) provides direct legal representation to low income taxpayers at the Pepperdine Legal Aid Clinic in downtown Los Angeles. Under attorney supervision, LITC students represent taxpayers in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, including audits, appeals, collection matters, and federal tax litigation. In addition, the clinic provides taxpayer education programs to various social service organizations and community groups.


Externships enable students to integrate theoretical knowledge of the law with the development of professional skills through practical experience under the supervision of the faculty, the bench and the bar. Participating law students develop and practice essential lawyering skills with real clients in the context of actual cases, and under the direction of supervising attorneys who have many years of experience in both legal practice and legal education. Learn more


In Pepperdine's practicum courses, students work in specialized field placements under supervision of experienced practitioners and with enhanced rigor and focus from expert faculty. Five practicums are currently offered:

Employment Law Practicum

Selected students work with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County in its Workers Rights Clinic to provide advice and counsel on issues related to wage and hour laws, workplace  safety, employment benefits, and related matters.

Health Law Practicum

Selected students work with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County in its Health Consumer Center to provide assistance to clients to get coverage and resolve problems with health plans; to identify widespread health access issues that need to be addressed on a policy level; and to ensure implementation of the Affordable Care Act for the most impacted communities in Los Angeles.

Immigration Law Practicum

Selected students work with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County in its immigration law practice to provide advice, counsel, and advocacy on issues related to immigration matters.

Veterans Law Practicum (Ventura)

Selected students work in the Ventura County Public Defender's Office to serve veterans in the Veterans Treatment Court and other collaborative courts of the Ventura County Superior Court. Law faculty provide advising to the students and will administer the course and field placements.

Veterans Law Practicum (Los Angeles)

Selected students work with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County in its Veterans Empowerment Initiative to provide legal services to veterans in need within integrated, multidisciplinary collaborations with other service providers. Law faculty provide advising to students and administer the course and field placements.