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6 Myths about Studying Abroad with Pepperdine

I'm so excited to be a mythbuster. For some reason, I feel like I'm part of the mystery gang, a power ranger or a ghostbuster *cue theme song.* But on a more serious note, I have heard shocking claims about IP over and over and I think the world could benefit from some clarity. I'm about to bust the top 6 myths about IP - read on to get the facts!


1. "You can only go abroad your sophomore year."

So you want to go to Jordan in the summer or Florence in the fall? Well, what's stopping you? Is it the idea that sophomore year is when you should go?! No way! Don't you hear the bells of the Heidelberg church, don't you smell the buttery croissant calling your name? Students that meet the minimum admissions requirements can apply to study abroad in any term while they are at Pepperdine. Our abroad locations mostly offer GE courses in the fall and spring so you need to ensure you save GE courses for your abroad term(s). The most important thing is to seek out academic advising before applying to ensure your study abroad plans keep you on track to graduate in four years.

2. "If you didn't apply by the IP Priority Deadline, you're out of luck."


Minion saying "What?!

Students are admitted to programs throughout the year. While some programs may stop accepting new applications after the priority deadline, lots of programs are still open. You can see a list of open programs here. Apply as soon as you can to secure your spot in the program of your dreams!

3. "Science and business majors can't go abroad."

Back up and let's look at some stats--During the academic year of 2019, 77 students majoring in natural sciences went abroad. That means 18% of the students who went abroad were science students! 95 business majors went abroad or 22% of the Pepperdine students around the globe majored in business. With almost 40% of the students coming from business or science, don't doubt that it can be done! So, once again, go see your magical academic advisor (or contact Danica Harootian in the IP office for help). Depending on your major and completed credits, you might need to do some summer school to make it happen, but don't let that stop you!

4. "Abroad is too expensive."

Pepperdine study abroad programs are special because tuition and room and board is the same abroad as it is at the Malibu campus. Additionally, if you receive financial aid while studying at the Malibu campus, in almost all cases you will receive the same financial aid while studying abroad. There is an extra cost to study abroad (learn more here) but many students cover this through the IP scholarship, outside scholarships, and working prior to studying abroad to save up. You can also apply for jobs with IP before, during and after your study abroad experience. For more tips on budgeting abroad, contact the IP Office or check back for our future post on finances abroad.

5. "You'll be behind academically if you go abroad."

Do you know how many people who double major, major & minor, and major & double minor who go abroad? Tons! I am a major, minor & specialization student myself. Soak up your education but please plan ahead. Your education is a puzzle and if you want to study abroad to be a piece, it will be an invaluable asset, but let's start working on finding where it fits!

6. "You should travel every weekend while you're abroad."

Out of all of these, this one is the most shocking to me. I mean, do you travel every weekend now? No! Do you know how tired you would be if you travelled every weekend? Very! Consider what you would miss out on in the place you decided to study in the first place! Studying abroad is an invitation to learn more about your host county, culture, and its people. So feel free to travel all the time or none of the time, have adventures in your host country and see what you find. Maybe you'll find some good gelato, maybe some friends, and *disclaimer for this wild thought* maybe yourself (Shhhh this is the best kept secret about studying abroad but I'll share it just with you).

Kimberly Brooking