How to Apply

Your journey begins here...

Congratulations on deciding to apply for an international program!

Requirements to Apply

  • Current Pepperdine student
  • Completed 30 college units or 2 semesters by program start date 
  • 2.5 Pepperdine Cumulative GPA
  • Must not be on academic or disciplinary probation


  • Students may only apply for one program per term.
  • If you would like to apply for more than 1 summer program, please contact the International Programs Office and tell them which program(s) you would like to attend. If the programs do not overlap, we will open up your additional applications for you.
  • Prepare and save your application essay in a separate document, e.g. Microsoft Word, and cut and paste it into the online application.
  • All internship applicants must have their CV (resume) approved from the Career Center and in hand prior to interviewing.

Early Decision Deadlines

  • Priority Deadline for Applications: Monday, September 25th 2017 at Noon - Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Academic Year 2018-2019, Summer 2018
  • Priority Decisions communicated to students: Monday, October 20th, 2017 - Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Academic Year 2018-2019
  • After these deadlines applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as space is available.

Please note the application for Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 is different from the other International Programs applications (i.e., Academic Year and Summer). Please see below.

Application Instructions

Step 1

Look into which international program is best for you! If you are still unsure of where to apply, please feel free to come by the International Programs Office to speak with a member of our staff or with any of our IP Ambassadors. Non-Pepperdine students should call the International Programs Office for more information.

Step 2

Fill out and submit the on-line application (see link below) for each program you are applying to.

Note: You may only apply for one program per academic term. For example, you may NOT apply for Heidelberg Fall 2018 and Buenos Aires Academic Year 2018-2019. You may, for example, apply to Heidelberg Fall 2018 and Shanghai Spring 2019.

To improve your chances of being accepted, it is best to apply before the priority deadline: noon on September 25th, 2017.

Step 3

To apply for a program, students will sign into WaveNet. Once you've signed into WaveNet with your ID and password. Click the "Student Services" link located on the top right hand of the screen. You will find the International Programs Application link under "Academics" and "Other Links". Please see the example below.

WaveNet screenshot instructions

How to Interview

All students are required to contact the appropriate faculty member in order to interview for the program.

After you submit your application on WaveNet, please do not exit out. The final page of the application submission tells you who to contact in regards to your Visiting Faculty Interview.

You can see the list of visiting faculty by program in case you did not read/forgot how to contact your specific Visiting Faculty to schedule an interview.



You need to ensure your Pepperdine e-mail can receive email messages from Pepperdine personnel and PeopleSoft.

A) We highly suggest you do not use Boxbe or other similar email add-on products to your Pepperdine email address to ensure you receive email communications from our office. IP Office staff will not complete authentication steps for Boxbe or similar programs.

B) Due to a change in Google Mail Spam settings, your inbox may be marking PeopleSoft email notifications as spam, causing them to bypass your inbox and quarantine them in the spam folder. IP uses PeopleSoft notifications for all acceptance decisions so it is important for you to take action. In order to correct this "spam" designation for PeopleSoft and other Pepperdine related messages, follow the steps below:

1. ​In ​G​oogle ​M​ail, ​open the Spam folder​, locate any email from the​ ​sender/address​   AND , and ​select that email​ by clicking the checkbox to the left of the sender name​.


2. With the email selected, click​ the ​"Not spam"​ button at the top of the window, under the search bar​.


​This action ​will alert the Google Spam filter to allow ​PeopleSoft activity notifications to reach your inbox. ​Contact the IT ​Service Desk at 310-506-HELP (4357) ​if you continue to have PeopleSoft notifications directed to your SPAM folder.