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Let the 21-22 IP Bound Challenge Commence!

We know that preparing to study abroad is no easy feat - from passports to packing, there are quite a few steps you need to take to get ready to board that plane. We also know that getting to know your IP cohort from afar can be tough, especially in a remote environment. That's why we created the IP Bound Challenge - a brand new initiative that will help you to check preparation tasks off your list while getting to know your fellow IPers!

What is the IP Bound Challenge?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

You will be assigned to a team of 4-5 students who are studying abroad at the same location as you, during the same term. Your team assignment will either be provided during your Visa Workshop or sent to you via email, so keep an eye out!

Think of your team as your pre-abroad family - they are there to support you and cheer you on in the months leading up to your departure. You are all on this journey to study abroad together, and who knows, maybe they will become your future travel buddies, study partners or even your roommates!

With your team, try to complete as many of the Challenges as you can. For each Challenge you complete, your team will earn a badge! The team that earns the most badges by September 1, 2021 (for Fall 2021 and Academic Year 2021-22 students) or January 1, 2022 (for Spring 2022 students) will win a $100 IP scholarship for every member of their team.*

The program that collectively earns the most badges will also win a grand prize for their entire group! The Academic Year and Fall 2021 grand prize will be awarded in September 2021, and the Spring 2022 grand prize will be awarded in January 2022.

DC students in Lima, Peru

*One team per program will win the team prize. Keep in mind that the IP scholarship is valid for your upcoming Fall 2021, Academic Year 2021-22 or Spring 2022 program only. Scholarships will be rescinded if you are not able to attend your program. 

How Do I Earn Badges?

Each program and term has a unique list of challenges and deadlines. If you are a DC+ student, join the challenge for your fall 2021 program. Find yours here:

Fall 2021 and Academic Year 2021-22 Challenge Lists

Buenos Aires Fall 2021, Academic Year 21-22

Florence Fall 2021, Academic Year 21-22

Heidelberg Fall 2021, Academic Year 21-22

Lausanne Fall 2021, Academic Year 21-22

London Fall 2021, Academic Year 21-22

Washington, D.C. Fall 2021, Academic Year 21-22

Spring 2022 Challenge Lists

Buenos Aires Spring 2022

Florence Spring 2022

Heidelberg Spring 2022

Lausanne Spring 2022

London Spring 2022

Washington, D.C. Spring 2022

Once your team has completed a Challenge, submit the IP Bound Challenge Badge Verification Form to receive your official badge! Then head to the Virtual Dashboard to see how your team is stacking up.

Now it's up to you - will your team triumph? Will your program take home the grand prize?

Let the IP Bound Challenge commence!