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Which Courses Should I Take Before Studying Abroad?

It's super important to make sure you set yourself up for success abroad by choosing the right courses to take before you get there. Whether you're registering for your first semester at Pepperdine, or planning out your four years, read on to learn which classes you should take before departure.

Are there any courses I should be sure to take before I go abroad?

All students going abroad during the academic year are encouraged to complete ENG 101, HUM 111, and REL 101 before going abroad. These three courses are common prerequisites required for specific courses, many of which are offered abroad. Depending on your program, however, you may be able to get by without completing one or more of those prerequisites. For example, you only need to complete a prerequisite if you plan to take a course that requires it.

In addition, you must complete the first level of the language applicable to your program. This is required for all academic year programs with the exception of London and DC. For instructions on how to register for your language course, please read below.

Below are recommended courses to complete before you go abroad during the academic year, by program:


Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Buenos Aires

ENG 101, HUM 111, SPAN 151

ENG 101, HUM 212, REL 101, SPAN 151


ENG 101, HUM 111, ITAL 151, REL 101

ENG 101, HUM 212, ITAL 151


ENG 101, GER 151, HUM 111

ENG 101, GER 151, HUM 212


ENG 101, FRE 151, HUM 111, REL 101

FRE 151, HUM 212, REL 102


ENG 101, HUM 111, REL 101

ENG 101, HUM 212, REL 102



ENG 101, HUM 212

*Click your program above to find the courses offered there in 2022-23!

How do I decide what to take abroad?

Good question! This often gets overlooked, but it's super important to plan ahead. The best way to do this is to compare your DAR (Degree Audit Report), which you can access on Wavenet, to the courses offered in your program. You can view these courses by clicking on the "Academics" page from your program's page. Make sure that you take all prerequisites required for the classes you plan to take abroad before you go, and make sure that you will be registered in at least 12 units each semester you're abroad. You can also use Navigate to plan your schedule.

How do I register for classes?

Your specific registration date depends on the number of units you have completed. As the registration period gets closer, you will see a registration time designated on your WaveNet homescreen. Don't forget it! 

If you are going abroad in Summer 2022, you will be able to register for your classes at the same time that you register for your Spring 2022 classes.

As you prepare for registration, you can put courses you want to register for into your "Cart." When that day comes, you will log in to you WaveNet, open your "Cart," and register for your classes

Register for Classes Abroad

How do I register for my language course?

As a reminder, you must complete the first level of the applicable language before you go abroad to your IP location (Buenos Aires, Florence, Heidelberg, and Lausanne only). There are many ways to satisfy this requirement. One way is to test out of the 151-level through the Pepperdine Language Placement Exam. Your score is valid for one year and will last for two registration periods, which will allow you to register for your Fall 2022 language course in your program. Another way is to take the 151-level during your Spring 2022 semester at Pepperdine. If you are unable to take the 151-level during the Spring 2022 semester at Pepperdine, you can complete it in other ways, such as taking the class at Pepperdine during Summer 2022 (if it is offered that term) or taking the equivalent class at your local community college and transferring it into Pepperdine before the deadline communicated by IP staff. The IP Office partners with the International Studies and Languages Division (ISL) to assist IP students in registering for language courses for the Spring 2022 semester. 

You will not register yourself for your Spring 2022 151-level language class.* Instead, the IP office and the ISL office will register you.

As you prepare for your Spring 2022 semester, create a list of your top language courses that will fit into your schedule. A few days before your registration date and time, the IP office will send a link to a digital form that you will complete at the day and time of your registration for you to communicate your top language class choices. If you complete this form before your designated day and time, it will be ignored. IP will work with the ISL office to register you in a language course, and we will email you when the language registration is complete. Please keep an eye on your email for this online form.

*This only applies to the 151-level course. If you have already taken or tested out of the 151 level of a language, there are no additional language prerequisites that you have to meet in order to go abroad. You do not need to fill out the form. 

Who can I talk to for advising?

There are many people on campus who can assist with four-year planning and advising.

In the IP Office, Danica Harootian, the Manager of Academics and Internships, and Dr. Ron Cox, Associate Dean of IP, can assist you with what to take before you go abroad and what to take while you are abroad.

For four-year planning, it's best to talk to your major advisor, who is listed as your advisor in Wavenet, or a OneStop Academic Advising Associate. Major advisors and Office Managers of specific divisions can tell you which upper division courses may be offered during certain terms. For example, an upper division course may only be offered every Fall semester, and it's important to know the timeline in order to plan ahead. You can also use Navigate to map out your four years, and then easily send your plan to your advisor for approval.

You got this! 

Registering for the correct classes before you go abroad will ensure you're on track to graduate and academically prepared for your time abroad. If you have more questions, please feel free to email us!