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Advanced Search

What is Advanced Search?

Advanced Search allows faculty, staff, and administrators to layer a series of filters onto a specific query in order to customize student searches. Most search filters create AND statements. For example, a search for 'Major Biology' AND 'Classification Junior' will pull a list of junior students in the biology program. Additional filters allow you to create OR statements, where you can make multiple selections within a given field to increase the scope of your search. For example, you can search for a list of students who are either "Pell Eligible" OR on the "Baseball Team."

How Do I Create an Advanced Search?

  1. Select the magnifying glass icon from the left side navigation.
  2. Add information to applicable drawers to help direct your search.
  3. Each drawer contains a collection of filters that can be used alone or in conjunction with other filters to build a customized search. Some fields will require text while others provide options in a drop-down menu.
  4. Near the bottom of the page, review three additional options to further direct your search.
  5. Once you have completed all of the fields you would like to search, click search.

Filter Drawers Overview

  • Student Information: Use this group of filters to search for students by personal identifying information, such as name, student ID, category, tag, or transfer status.
  • Enrollment History: Create logic statements to search for students by their enrollment status in a variety of terms.
  • Area of Study: Combine elements of this filter to search for students based on areas of study, including college affiliation, degree, concentration, or major.
  • Performance Data: Search using these filters to segment student groups by GPA, credits earned, and hours attempted.
  • Term Data: Select conditions within this group of filters to run a search for students using information associated with a specific term.
  • Course Data: Utilize this group of filters to query students based on courses, section, and status.
  • Assigned To: Enter information into fields in this bucket to pull lists of students assigned to specific advisors, tutors, coaches, or team members.
  • Success Indicators: Run a search using these filters to identify students based on predicted risk level or success marker completion status.