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Appeals Process

Students who wish to appeal the decision of the Student Disciplinary Committee hearing can submit a written appeal to the vice president for student life and dean of student affairs ("vice president") or designee. The appeal must be submitted within seven (7) calendar days of the issuance date of the committee's written decision. The written appeal must specify grounds that would justify consideration. General dissatisfaction with the outcome of the decision or an appeal for mercy is not an appropriate basis for an appeal. The nonappealing party will be emailed a copy of the appeal and may email a response to the vice president within seven (7) calendar days from the date of the vice president's email. If submitted, the appealing party will be provided a copy of the response.

The written appeal must specifically address at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Insufficient information to support the decision.
  2. New information, sufficient to alter a decision, or other relevant facts not brought out in the original hearing, because such information and/or facts were not known to the person appealing at the time of the original hearing.
  3. Procedural irregularity in the student disciplinary committee proceedings that undermined the respondent's ability to present a defense or the complainant's ability to present relevant information supporting his or her complaint.
  4. Bias or conflict of interest by a committee member or investigator.
  5. Inappropriateness of the sanction for the violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Generally, the appellate process does not require a hearing, nor does it require the vice president to make personal contact with the students or the student disciplinary committee. The vice president may, but is not required to, convene an ad hoc appeal committee to assist in making a recommendation regarding the appeal. The vice president shall not be bound by the committee's recommendation.

Within twenty (20) business days from the date of receipt of the written appeal, the vice president may affirm, reverse, or modify the sanction. The vice president may also return the case to the student disciplinary committee for further consideration. The vice president's decision shall be final and effective immediately. A copy of the decision letter will be emailed to the parties' accounts.