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Policies and Procedures

To review the entire policies and procedures, please visit - Sexual Misconduct Policy. Below is a summary:

  1. Upon receiving a report, the Title IX Coordinator initiates a prompt initial assessment to determine if the misconduct meets the criteria to be handled as "Title IX or Non-Title IX." This determines the specific policies and procedures to be followed, but it is important to note that all complaints are taken seriously. Please do not let the legal nuances deter you from bringing a concern to the attention of our University Title IX Coordinator.
  2. The Title IX Coordinator will meet with the Complainant to discuss supportive measures and reporting options, which may include filing a formal complaint.
  3. When the Complainant desires to file a formal complaint, both parties will receive written notice of the allegations, a formal investigation will commence, and the Office of Community Standards will arrange a hearing.
    1. In rare circumstances, the University Title IX Coordinator may determine that an investigation is necessary over the wishes of a Complainant out of concern for the welfare and safety of the Complainant and the community.
  4. Following a formal complaint, the Complainant and Respondent (if not an employee) may mutually agree to participate in Informal Resolution as an alternative to a formal grievance process.
  5. Supportive Measures are available to both parties throughout the process. Likewise, both parties may have an advisor present for any phone call, interview, or meeting.
    Before a hearing, both parties will have an equal opportunity to inspect, review, and respond to any evidence obtained as a part of the investigation, including witness statements.
  6. Title IX hearings are conducted via video conferencing and include direct cross-examination by the parties' advisors. If the allegation(s) is being processed as a "Non-Title IX matter," the Hearing Officer will facilitate the cross-examination.
  7. Following the hearing, a letter of determination will be sent to both parties, including Pepperine's procedures and permissible bases for the Complainant and Respondent to appeal.

The University's Title IX Coordinator reviews all reports of sexual misconduct and is responsible for ensuring Title IX compliance on campus.