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Pregnancy & Parenting Support

Title IX prohibits pregnancy and parental status discrimination in educational programs and activities. This provides, but is not limited to, the following protections:

  • Continue participating in classes and extracurricular activities even though you are pregnant and do not require a doctor's note unless your school requires a doctor's note from all students who have a physical or emotional condition requiring treatment by a doctor.
  • Provide reasonable adjustments, like a larger desk, elevator access, or allowing frequent trips to the restroom, when necessary because of your pregnancy.
  • Excuse absences from pregnancy or childbirth for as long as your doctor says necessary.
    Return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before your medical leave began and the opportunity to make up any work missed while you were out.
  • Submit work after a deadline you missed because of pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Make up the participation or attendance credits you didn't have the chance to earn due to pregnancy.

Lactation Room Locations

West LA Campus: Room 534
Calabasas Campus: Room 163
Malibu Campus: PLC Women's Lounge
TAC Room 340

Employee Information

Employees should consult with Human Resources regarding details about pregnancy and lactation accommodations. Also, review the applicable University Policy Manual sections: