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Reporting Options Within the University

Anyone may formally report a complaint of sexual misconduct or retaliation related to sexual misconduct to the University by contacting:

La Shonda Coleman
Title IX Coordinator for Students
Pepperdine University
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Tyler Campus Center Suite 210
Malibu, CA 90263

A student reporting sexual misconduct may do so verbally or in a written report. If a written report is submitted, it should contain a brief written statement citing the type(s) of sexual misconduct that occurred (see definitions section above) and supporting facts (e.g., alleged perpetrator, what happened, when and where the incident occurred, witness(es), etc.). The scope of any investigation, and who will conduct the investigation, shall be in the sole discretion of the Title IX Coordinator for Students. The investigation may include, but is not limited to, meeting with the parties, talking with witnesses, and reviewing any supporting documents.

Formal reports and any related investigative materials concerning a Pepperdine student will be submitted to the associate dean of student affairs for community standards as discussed in section VII below to determine whether an administrative or student disciplinary committee hearing will be convened. Formal reports and any related investigative materials concerning Pepperdine faculty or staff will be submitted to the grievance officer as discussed in section VIII below. Formal reports concerning non-student third-parties will be resolved by the Title IX Coordinator for Students. The University reserves the right to investigate, take disciplinary action, and/or report sexual misconduct to local law enforcement regardless of how much time has passed since it occurred and even if the sexual misconduct is reported after the student graduates or employee leaves the University.

Wave Tip Line

LiveSafe App

Any individual may make an anonymous report concerning an act of sexual misconduct. An individual may report the incident without disclosing names, identifying the alleged perpetrator, or requesting any action. Depending on the extent of information available about the incident or the individuals involved, however, the University's ability to respond to an anonymous report may be limited. Anonymous reports may be made on the anonymous Wave Tip line by calling voice mail at 310.506.7634 or on the LiveSafe app. Public Safety will receive these reports and share them with the Title IX Coordinator for Students who will determine appropriate steps.