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New Faculty and Staff Technology Guide

Welcome to Pepperdine

New faculty and staff can find the Information Technology services below that they need to get started. Learn the difference between your CWID and your NetworkID. Discover how to manage your passwords, or get to know all the resources available to you through LinkedIn Learning.

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Your Pepperdine Credentials

Welcome to Pepperdine! You will work with your supervisor to obtain your Pepperdine credentials so that you can access Pepperdine services. If you are a faculty member, your school dean or program/division office may be your point of contact.


This ID does not get you into your WaveNet account or other Pepperdine services.

CWID stands for Campus-wide ID.

It is a nine-digit number that can be found on your employee ID card and on the top right corner of your WaveNet account.


Used to log in to WaveNet, Courses, and many other Pepperdine services. 

The standard format for the NetworkID starts with the first letter of your first name and part or all of your last name. It may also contain your middle initial or a number. Examples: jdoe, ksmith, wewave1.

New Pepperdine employees will receive their NetworkIDs from their supervisor.

Learn more about your NetworkID.

Password Management

MyID Password Management

Verify or update your MyID profile.

Change your WaveNet password.

Reset a forgotten password.

Tech Resources



Tech Central

Phone: 310.506.4357 (HELP)

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Technology Service Request Forms

Have A Suggestion for IT?

Click to share your suggestion, anonymously if preferred, to improve Pepperdine IT.