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PeopleSoft/WaveNet Training

Pepperdine offers the following training options for PeopleSoft finance, human resources, and student administration systems.

Credit Card Reallocation

Credit Card Reallocation is for all employees with a University Purchasing and/or Travel and Entertainment credit card and features the following:

  • Reallocating monthly expenses
  • Updating multiple transactions
  • Viewing credit card activity
  • Reviewing business processes and timeframes

Note: This class is required for employees with a University Purchasing and/or Travel and Entertainment credit card.

Finance Query Training

Finance Query Training is for all requestors and approvers within the finance system and features the following instruction:

  • Definition of queries
  • How to select and run a query
  • How to download the query output to Excel
  • How to run popular queries on: Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Accounting Transactions, and more...

Requestor & Approver

Requestor & Approver is for all employees designated as requestors or approvers in the finance system and features the following:

  • Process of approving and creating requisition requests for purchases and employee reimbursements (expenses)
  • Creation of a requisition along with specific policies and procedures
  • Approving the created requisitions
  • Importance of being able to interpret all the information on a requisition

Note: This class is required for any employees whose job responsibilities include any type of purchasing or approving requests for purchases. Access to this component is provided only once the entire training class has been officially completed.

Simpler Budget Reporting

Simpler Budget Reporting is for all employees involved with creating or viewing departmental budgets and features the following:

  • Easy-to-use 'Simpler Systems' budget reporting
  • Intro to fun Excel tips & tricks which tie into the basics of creating reports in the 'Simpler' system
  • Creating, sharing and printing reports in 'Simpler'

Note: Class attendance is required prior to access being granted to this component. A PeopleSoft Financial security form may need to be submitted if necessary.

Faculty Technology Workshops

IT's Technology and Learning group offers workshops for faculty and instructors at Pepperdine on education technology. The mission of the Teaching and Learning group is to collaborate with faculty members to develop and encourage the use of eLearning and education technology models to enhance education at Pepperdine University.

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