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"Courses" is Pepperdine's learning management system (LMS) that offers faculty and students a feature-rich, online environment to support teaching and learning. The system includes simple tools to post a syllabus, gradebook, or announcements. It also offers more advanced features like live chat, online testing, online assignments, document sharing, and more.


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Faculty Top 3 Solutions

  1. Publish your courses so that students can see and access them.
  2. Add tools with ease with the "Manage Tools" feature of the "Site Info" tool.
  3. Reorder your site tabs so that your current classes are listed first.

Please refer to our Faculty Guides for more tips and how-to instructions.

Students: Top 3 Solutions

  1. Can't find a site? Ask your professor if it's published or check the "Sites" menu.
  2. Mac users: Don't forget the file extension! (Be sure .doc or .docx is at the end of MS Word documents so that your professors and classmates can access your document(s).)
  3. Use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser for the best experience.

Please refer to our Courses Student Guide for more tips and how-to instructions.


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