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Degree Completion

Masters Degree

Monitoring your Degree Audit Report (DAR) is the first step in identifying the term in which you expect to complete your degree and graduate. In order to have your degree awarded to your student record and final transcript, you must apply for degree posting. Applications for degree posting are due during the first month of the term in which you will complete all degree requirements. Due dates for applications can be found in the education and psychology calendars.The GSEP Registration office will send you a communication during the final expected term of your program instructing you to review your degree progress and submit your application. Be sure to follow the detailed instructions that are sent to you.  An Application for Degree Posting is only applicable to the term in which it is submitted and degree requirements are completed. Failure to submit an Application for Degree Posting for the correct term may result in the cancellation of your future terms' financial aid and enrollment appointment.


Doctorate Degree

Doctoral students will be given instructions for submitting an Application for Degree Posting during the APA Clearance process, or during internship. Do not apply to have your degree posted to your student record until you have been requested to do so.


For a list of frequently asked questions regarding the graduation process, please visit the Graduation FAQs page. Once your degree has been posted to your student record, be sure to join the Alumni network.