Academic Advising

One of the many offerings the GSEP Student Services department offers is academic advising. Academic advisors and program administrators are available to assist you with a variety of topics such as:

  • Counseling on enrollment options, academic progress, degree requirements, and degree audit
  • Transfer credit/waivers, course and program petitions, and probation status
  • Assist with registration holds, leave of absence, readmission, and course and program withdrawal
  • Comprehensive exams: submission of papers and notification of exam results

Students are highly encouraged to work with their academic advisor or program administrator throughout their program and address any academic questions or needs they have.

To get to know and contact your academic advisor or program administrator, select your respective division below:


Doctor of Education in Learning Technologies | Organizational Leadership | Doctor of Philosophy, Global Leadership and Change

Jane (Tado) Tucker, Sr. Academic Advisor, EDOL, EDLT, PhD  |  310.568.5738  

Master of Arts in Education | Teaching | Social Entrepreneurship and Change | Master of Science in Education programs | Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy

Andrew Disney, Academic Advisor, MAE, MA TESOL, SEC, MS ED/Leadership, ELAP  |  310.568.5770 


Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology - MFT | General Psychology 

Marisa Spruiell, Sr. Academic Advisor, MFT | General (evening format)  |  310.568.5503  |  West LA and Encino Campuses


Nazanein Vazira-Bhullar, Academic Advisor, MFT | General (evening format) Nazzi Picture

Nazanein Nazzi Vazira-Bhullar earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy from Pepperdine University in 2013 and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#102581).  She has several years of experience working in the field of mental health at Special Services for Groups/Occupational Therapy Training Program working primarily with children and adolescents.  Nazzi has spent several years contributing to Pepperdine University in various roles including as a student, alumnus, employee, and recently adjunct faculty member.  Nazzi is currently a Psychology Academic Advisor for the Master of Arts in Psychology (evening format) and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy (evening format).  She has a passion for working with students to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.  |  310.568.5618  |  West LA and Irvine Campuses


Andrea Lipnicki, Sr. Program Administrator, MFT (daytime format)andrea lipnicki

As an alum of the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with Marriage and Family Therapy (daytime) program, Andrea enjoys helping prospective students learn about the program and the benefits of the excellent education.  She takes pride in getting to know everyone who applies to the program.  Andrea has been graciously supporting students through all aspects of the application process and all aspects of their program since 2003.  She seeks to provide each student with the individualized support they need to successfully complete their program and reach their professional goals.  There are not many questions that Andrea cannot answer about applying to and completing the MFT - Daytime program.  |  310.506.4608  |  Malibu Campus 


Jen Sasser, Student Support Manager, MFT | General (online format)jen sah

Jen is originally from North Carolina and currently resides in Denver, CO. She earned her degree in Communications, specializing in Journalism and minoring in African American Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Jen also studied International Relations abroad at VSE University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. Her work experience in higher education includes time in admissions, enrollment, and advising. Jen loves traveling the world, but one of her favorite places to be is on the beaches of San Diego.   | 310.693.5804 | Online Campus


Natalie Abrams, Student Support Advisor, MFT | General (online format)Natalie Abrams

Natalie has been working with online graduate students since 2015, and is passionate about supporting students in reaching their fullest potential. Natalie's academic background is in Social Work, earning both her BSW and MSW degree prior to working in higher education. She is currently located in Denver, CO, is a fitness enthusiast, and in her spare time enjoys training herself and a small group of clientele. Hailing from the Washington DC area, Natalie is an avid DC sports fan.  | 310.693.5801  |  Online Campus


Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology - MFT Aliento | Master of Science, Behavioral Psychology

Tiffany Wright, Program Administrator, MFT Aliento | MSBP

Tiffany WrightTiffany Wright is the MS Behavioral Psychology and MA Clinical Psychology – Latina(o) emphasis Program Administrator. In this role she supports current students with academic advising related matters as well as provides assistance to both program directors with administrative and program development needs. Additionally, she serves as a practicum advisor for the MS Behavioral Psychology program. Tiffany holds a Masters in Education from Loyola Marymount University. She has served the Pepperdine GSEP community since 2012 in various student services roles. With a passion for student success, she looks forward to progressing students through their graduate degree programs and encouraging them to become superior mental health professionals. |  310.568.2317  |  West LA and Irvine Campuses


Doctor of Psychology

Yasmin (Makki) Rahdari, Program Administrator, PsyD  |  310.568.2324  | West LA Campus