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Degree Audit Report

Students may monitor their academic progress by accessing their Degree Audit Report (DAR) through their student WaveNet account. Your DAR will confirm for you which classes you have completed, are in the process of completing, and which classes you have left in order to complete your degree.

It is important for you to review your DAR prior to registering for classes, and again before the add/drop period for the term ends. After you review your DAR report, if you realize you need to change your class schedule, you may do so up until the last day of the term's add/drop period. You may not alter your class schedule after the add/drop period has ended without receiving a grade of withdrawal and tuition charges. 

For questions regarding your curriculum, consult with the GSEP Academic Catalog applicable to your term of entry, or applicable to the term of a Plan Change or Readmission. Be sure to examine your DAR carefully and report any discrepancies to your academic advisor, or program administrator.


 To access your Degree Audit Report from your WaveNet Account:

(For a visual instructional guide on how to access your DAR, view the guide to access Pepperdine's Student WaveNet Guide.)

  1. From the "Home" page of your WaveNet account, select the "Academics" button located on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Then select the blue "Degree Audit Report" link.

Understanding Your DAR:

  • Your DAR will first display your name, CWID, program, and catalog year. 
  • Section 1 - Student Data - will display your academic advisor and your Summary of Credit Towards Graduation. This section includes unit totals for completed, and in-progress courses. (The "Advising" button in your WaveNet account allows students to quickly contact their advisor.)
  • Section 2 - Academic Requirements Remaining - displays remaining required course for completing your degree. Note: if you have retaken a course, consult with your advisor for a more accurate account of remaining courses.
  • Section 3 - Academic Requirements Completed Or In Progress - displays a list of the academic requirements you have already completed or are currently "in progress" of completing. This section also includes waived and transfer courses.
  • Section 4 - Work Not Applicable To This Program - displays a list of the courses you have completed that are not required for your degree. This section will not appear for all students. 
  • Section 5 - Notes - displays any notations made for your individual DAR.