Graduate and Law students are required to carry health insurance, but are not required to furnish proof of insurance. All international students are required to purchase insurance with U.S. coverage. The University requires health care coverage for the purpose of limiting undue financial and academic stress related to illnesses during the academic year. A health policy will assist in meeting not only common illnesses treated at the Student Health Center or at a private physician's office, but also with the financial burden of illness and accidents involving more extensive care.

The University Insurance Committee has contracted with an insurance broker, Wells Fargo Insurance Services (WF). This group researched insurance options and presented The Aetna Life Insurance Co. as the optimal coverage for our student body. A supplemental insurance plan is also provided for students who have private insurance coverage. This plan aids in meeting deductibles and providing medical care for those with HMO or PPO plans. The University insurance policy through Aetna Life has been contracted to include the lowest premium for your benefit; however, you may purchase any policy that has comparable coverage to the University policy. Wells Fargo facilitates our group policy with Aetna Life and provides customer service to our students for all insurance matters. A nominal administrative fee is added to the premium to cover University insurance-related services.

If you have any questions regarding the University's student health insurance plan, please call the University's insurance broker, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, at (800) 853-5899. You may also access student insurance information online by clicking the link Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

NOTE: Wells Fargo purchased Acordia Somerton and they are currently in the process of changing web addresses at the corporate level. Until this change takes place, the direct access to the Insurance web pages remains under the Acordia Somerton name.