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What's New in Pepperdine IT


CD ROMs that look like colorful 45 RPM vinyl records

Scammers Try Using Suspicious "Records" to Steal Identities

Digital scams can take many forms, including a harmless package that comes with cleverly designed discs designed to tempt you to insert them into your computer. Don't do it!

Two colleges students wearing shark hats next to a swimming pool.

Data Insecurity: Smart Hackers or Bad Hygiene?

You are safer if you keep your computer and software up with the latest security patches and use a different password on every website. That is basic hygiene.

Tech Central Saves the Day for a Student

Crashing Computer Falls into the Right Hands at Tech Central

Tech Central provide crucial safety net as student's computer crashes.

Angie Correa wipes away tears on the morning of September 11, 2018 at Pepperdine's Waves of Flags installation in Malibu.

With Waves of Flags Comes Great Responsibility

The Waves of Flags installation is a tangible opportunity to engage with the global community as people from around Southern California and around the world come to Pepperdine to visit our tribute to the fallen.

GDPR at Pepperdine flag

Pepperdine Locking Down Worldwide GDPR Compliance

Pepperdine University supports compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and safeguarding the community's data.

Pepperdine staff member reacts with a smile during Etrieve Training.

Etrieve Training Enlightens Ahead of Rollout

Pepperdine's IT department is collaborating with the community in transitioning from Nolij to the university's new content management system, Etrieve.

Adobe Acrobat Upgrade

Pepperdine's Information Technology division will be replacing your older Adobe Acrobat Pro XI software with the latest desktop version, Adobe Acrobat 2017.

Device Management Pop-up Alert on University-owned Mac Computers

University-owned Mac computers may have received pop-up messages from our Device Management system.

Wait to Install macOS High Sierra (10.13)

Pepperdine IT recommends that you carefully consider any updates in regards to the High Sierra update on university-owned Mac computers.

Welcome (Back) to Pepperdine!

With a new year come new chances to get ahead of the curve in information technology.