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Online Faculty Resources

Faculty Support Resources & Contact Information

Digital Campus Faculty Support Phone - 1-833-740-1273

Digital Campus Faculty Support Email -

Digital Campus Faculty Training Resources Website

Online Faculty Forms

Student Support Early Alert Form

  • Use this form to alert administrators of student issues (academic, behavior, attendance, etc.)

Administrative Action Form

  • Use this form to alert administrators about students who are in violation of our attendance policy and have missed three or more live class sessions.

Faculty Grade Change Form

  • Use this form to change a final course grade that has been submitted to the Registrar's Office or WaveNet. You may use this form to update an Incomplete grade or to correct mathematical errors.

Student Support Forms & Contact Information

Professors may wish to provide the following resources to students who are having technical issues with the Digital Campus platform or who need to request an exception to the Academic Policy:

Exam Policy

The midterm and final exam periods typically occur over the fourth and eighth weekend of the session, respectively. Exam passwords will be posted by the program office on the online course wall Friday morning. Professors and students will be notified when the password has been posted.

All exams shall be timed, open book/open note, and password protected. Students have until 11:59 p.m. (PST) Sunday to submit the exam.


Grades are due two weeks after final exams close. You will receive an email in the last week of the session with directions on submitting your grades in WaveNet. Final course grades must be curved based on the following scale with the Median as a B+.

CSOL requires final course grades be curved based on the following faculty-approved grade distribution with a B+ median. Please seek approval from the Academic Dean for any deviations.

A- to A+ 20–35% (no more than 5% A+)
B- to B+ 40–60%
C- to C+ 5–20%
D+/below 0–5%

Helpful Tutorial - For a video demonstration on how to download grades from Digital Campus, apply the curve, then post them to Wavenet, please see the linked tutorial. Passcode: WU.Z1237

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