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Reporting Options Outside the University

Local Law Enforcement

Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Station 
27050 Agoura Road
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
818.878.1808 or 911 (for emergencies)
For help in reporting sexual misconduct to local law enforcement, call the Department of Public Safety, 310.506.4700. It is important to understand that reporting sexual misconduct does not obligate the reporting party to press criminal charges.

Civil Court

Santa Monica Municipal Court 
1725 Main Street #102
Santa Monica, CA 90401
For help filing a civil lawsuit, please contact the Santa Monica Municipal Court.

Resources for Students Located Out of State or Abroad

If you are participating in a program located out of state or abroad, please consult with your program director for confidential reporting options, available community resources, and law enforcement contact information in your location. The Student Title IX Coordinator welcomes reports from all students, regardless of where they are located.