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Authority and Responsibility for Student Sexual Misconduct Discipline

The associate dean of student affairs for community standards ("associate dean") is responsible for the overall coordination of rules and regulations regarding the adjudication of violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy by students.

The associate dean reviews formal reports, as well as confidential reports if the Title IX Coordinator for Students has determined that a confidentiality request cannot be honored, and any related investigative materials. The associate dean may conduct further investigation of the report if he or she deems necessary. The scope of any investigation shall be in the sole discretion of the associate dean. The investigation may include, but is not limited to, meeting with the parties, talking with witnesses, and reviewing any supporting documents.

If the associate dean considers the report and investigative materials to indicate a probable violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy, the matter will be heard through either an administrative hearing or a hearing with the student disciplinary committee. During such hearings, the reporting party will be referred to as the "complainant" and the accused party as the "respondent." The vice president for student life and dean of student affairs serves as the final appeal for disciplinary decisions in sexual misconduct cases. The University's actions are not dependent on the initiation or outcome of criminal charges. Disciplinary proceedings may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings.

Mark Davis

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Student Affairs

Sharon Beard
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Community Standards

La Shonda Coleman
Title IX Coordinator for Students