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Enterprise Data Management Strategy

A single source of truth

The Office of Business Intelligence aims to create a single source of truth for the University, achieved through the following channels:

  • A central university-wide reporting platform, retrieving data from...
  • An enterprise data warehouse, sourced from...
  • Any and all critical data systems across the University, governed by...
  • Vetted and agreed upon data standards (via Data Stewardship).


The University's data workflow includes data stewardship of critical data systems, like Student, Finance, HR, CRM, LMS, and other data sources. These sources feed into the University Master Data Warehouse powered by our analytics platform. From there, we can provide reports for University leadership through our reporting platform. Several sources are already integrated, like our Student system, while others are in-progress (Finance and HR), pending (CRM and LMS), or to be determined (other data sources).

Data Source Systems

Data standards are the foundation upon which the entire structure is built. Issues with data quality are addressed at this layer - i.e. at the root, in the systems from which they originate - allowing for clean data to flow upwards, where insights can be gleaned and trusted.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is where already standardized data are modeled and configured into easily digestible elements - an almost physical representation of the University's data dictionary - providing structure, definition, and consistency to University data. The purpose of the warehouse is not to cleanse or fix data issues. Here, data from all across the University is brought together, linked, and related.

University Reporting Platform (University Analytics)

The central reporting platform provides access to the data within the warehouse, allowing for exploration and experimentation of its contents, joining disparate systems and data sets together and formatting them in a more meaningful, visually compelling manner in order to inspire insight and action.