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Graduation Application Information

Student who will complete degree requirements by the end of the current term and wish to have their degree posted to their academic record must submit a Graduation Application online through their WaveNet Student Center. Students who have submitted a Graduation Application in a previous term must submit a new Graduation Application during the term in which they expect to complete degree requirements.  Master’s degree students who have or are expected to complete degree requirements will be notified via e-mail when to complete the Graduation Application online. Doctoral students will be notified through the Writing Support Office.

Please note that submission of a graduation application does not confirm eligibility for graduation. All students submitting a graduation application will have their eligibility for graduation verified to confirm completion of all degree requirements.

Graduation Application Instructions

Deadline dates for submitting the Graduation Application are listed in the online GSEP Academic Calendar, and the GSEP Academic Catalog. Failure to submit a Graduation Application for the correct term may result in the cancelation of your future terms’ financial aid and enrollment appointment. Graduation Applications are only applicable to the term in which they are submitted and degree requirements are completed.

STEP 2: Log in to your WaveNet Student Center at Select "Apply for Graduation" from the "other academic..." drop-down menu.

STEP 3: Select your Academic Program. If you are enrolled in a degree program and a credential - such as MA in Education (degree) with Single Subject Teaching Credential (credential), please select your Primary Degree from the list of options (the MS, MA, EDD, etc).

STEP 4: Select your expected graduation term. Note: If the expected graduation term you wish to apply for is not available, this means we are not accepting applications for that term at this moment. We only accept graduation applications during the term in which they are applicable for. Applying to graduate for the wrong term may result in the cancelation of your financial aid and enrollment appointment.

Please disregard the “attendance” question. You will receive correspondence from the GSEP Events department requesting your RSVP for the GSEP Commencement Ceremony.  

STEP 5: Verify the accuracy of your diploma name and diploma mailing address. Make necessary edits before submitting your application. If you make changes to your diploma name or address, please also send an e-mail from your Pepperdine University e-mail address to Ms. Yvette Reeves at  with your student ID number and your preferred diploma name.

Step 6: Click “submit” to submit your Graduation Application. Please make note of the confirmation page which appears after you submit your Graduation Application You will not receive additional confirmation.