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MA Psychology Professional Development Workshops

Advance Your Professional Opportunities

Enrich your knowledge of psychology while you advance your professional opportunities through the Department of Professional Development in the Master of Arts in Psychology program.

The following free programs are available to students and alumni at all three evening format graduate campuses:

  • Clinical Connections
    Clinical Connections is a monthly series of free workshops featuring speakers from Pepperdine and the Southern California psychology community at which students can discuss clinical issues that fall outside the domain of the academic curriculum, but that are commonly seen in practice.
  • Private Practice and Agency Visits
    Visit the successful practices of Pepperdine faculty and alumni to learn about the business aspect of running a private practice in the therapy profession and for a sneak preview of your possible future. In addition to practice visits, we also feature visits to mental health agencies that employ MAP and MACLP track students.
  • Coffee Talk
    Discuss MFT issues and professional opportunities with Kathleen Wenger (Irvine), Rebecca Reed (West Los Angeles) and Alice Richardson (Encino) of the MA in Psychology Professional Development and Clinical Training Departments. Coffee Talk also features occasional guest speakers.
    • West Los Angeles
    • Encino
    • Irvine
  • MFT Consortium of Orange County
    The Consortium represents mental health clinical training agencies throughout Orange County. The Consortium meets on the third Wednesday of every other month to discuss programming and training issues.
  • Focus on Psychology Blog
    Our department blog features information on psychology associations, chapter and campus meetings, events, workshops, opportunities for licensure hours, and professional opportunities in your area. It also includes feature articles such as faculty profiles, information on locating a practicum site and licensing requirements, as well as student success stories. You can sign up for a monthly email summarizing the month's new posts.
  • Annual Career and Practicum Fairs
    Get a jump start on your search for a practicum site or job at the annual Career and Practicum Fairs.
  • Practicum Mentor Program
    Connect with "seasoned" practicum students to answer your questions and increase your confidence concerning the practicum experience. Our mentors are students who have a semester or two of practicum already under their belt and who would be happy to offer some friendly advice as you get started at your site. Email the graduate assistants to connect with a mentor.
  • Clinical Training Meetings
    For more information on the MACLP New Student Meeting, Preparing for Practicum Meeting and Intern Registration Meeting, visit Pepperdine’s Practicum website.