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Progressive Discipline


Conducting an Investigation

Supervisors are charged with ensuring that faculty and staff members are positive contributors to the Pepperdine community and act in accordance with the Code of Ethics and University Policy Manual. Supervisors are responsible to conduct informal or formal investigations with the appropriate parties in response to allegations whenever they are made aware of concerns. The University has an obligation to address all complaints in a timely manner, and the reference guide below provides step-by-step instructions and considerations for conducting workplace investigations. Supervisors are encouraged to speak with Human Resources regarding any questions or appropriate protocol in a particular setting.

Investigation Quick Guide



Supervisors are called to develop and mentor employees, while also holding them accountable for their performance and behavior. All supervisors need to document staff issues at one time or another. The documents below are designed to simplify and strengthen your documentation, saving you time in the process and ultimately resolving performance and behavior concerns. Please reference these resources for informal and formal documentation; a general overview of progressive discipline; best practices for effective documentation; and a three-step approach to providing feedback. Human Resources is glad to discuss and assist in resolving any concerns to maintain an effective and enjoyable work environment.