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Staff Resignation

Please notify the Employment Team (x4397) as soon as possible if one of your employees has resigned from their position.

The following checklist may assist you in preparing for an employee's last day of employment:

  1. Forward the following to Human Resources:
    • The employee's signed resignation letter specifying the last day of work.
    • The supervisor's acceptance of the resignation either as a separate memo/email or by writing the word "accepted" on the resignation letter and initialing it.
  2. A final approved KRONOS time record will be requested from HR. Hours/absences should be projected through the last day. By law, the final paycheck must be given to the employee on the last day and it is very important to make sure it is correct. Unused vacation time and floating holidays are paid out in the final check.
  3. Instruct the employee to contact Human Resources to schedule an exit interview. Final checks are distributed at this time.
  4. The employee will need to return Pepperdine property on or before his/her last day of work. Keys, credit cards, and equipment such as computers, cell phones, PDAs, pagers, parking permit, etc. are to be returned to the supervisor; ID cards to Human Resources during the exit interview unless the supervisor collects and sends them to HR; and library books to the library.
  5. Please be aware that the employee's Pepperdine e-mail address and WaveNet access will be disabled immediately upon departure, and any emails to the employee will receive an "undeliverable" response. If you would like to request that an out-of-office message be enabled, please email as soon as possible and copy your Employment Specialist for approval.
  6. If the employee is a current Pepperdine student, please let HR know immediately so student WaveNet access is not inadvertently disabled.
  7. Please note that at the time of separation from employment, access to Wavenet's "My Information" tab will be discontinued. If the employee would like to print any of this information, including pay check advice ("stub") information, please be sure they do so before their final day.