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Hiring Managers

recruitment process

Staff Hiring System

Human Resources utilizes the PageUp staff hiring system for managing position descriptions, job posting requests, and applications. You can access the PageUp system through the Employee Services tab in WaveNet. For detailed instructions on how to accomplish tasks in the staff hiring system, please use the links below:

Hiring Best Practices

Pepperdine relies on each staff member to help achieve its mission and develop its culture. Supervisors have the unique opportunity and responsibility to hire people who will positively contribute to the Pepperdine community and ensure the University continues to meet its goals. Human Resources offers hiring managers personal one-on-one training with an Employment Specialist to discuss hiring best practices, such as vetting finalists, communicating with unsuccessful applicants, advancing team diversity, and more.

Staffing Changes

Before hiring, changing, or promoting any individual within any position, it may be necessary to research employment standards across the University or fill out the appropriate form to notify Human Resources.

Hiring Outside Consultants

If you wish to generate pay for work performed by a non-employee (i.e. an independent contractor), please note that such outside workers must meet IRS guidelines to be legally paid outside the normal payroll process. Generally, they must be in business for themselves and maintain their own liability insurance (at least $1 million is standard). Please click on the following link for more information. Call Human Resources at ext. 4397 if you are uncertain of the legality of any proposed payments.

Recruitment and Interview Guide

Human Resources has compiled a comprehensive guide to help supervisors attract, interview, hire, and onboard the right people who will contribute to and comprise the Pepperdine community of the future. The Recruitment Guide contains best practices for conducting an interview, sample interview questions categorized by job function, instructions for writing an effective and accurate job description, and more.