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Top 10 Reminders for Supervisors

Supervisors at Pepperdine have unique, rewarding and yet challenging roles; they are regarded as leaders, not simply managers.

Supervisors are expected to contribute to the University mission, as well as ensure that their respective employees uphold all University policies and procedures. Supervisors are held responsible for their own actions and are also responsible for decisions made within their department.

Pepperdine University promotes work environments that foster encouragement, accountability, and a sense of purpose, and believes this can be achieved through exemplary leadership.

Pepperdine employees in a supervisory position should familiarize themselves with the following University guidelines, policies and procedures within 30 days of their start date as a supervisor, and should relay appropriate information to their department staff.

1) Review the University Code of Ethics and the University Policy Manual, and familiarize yourself with the different components with an emphasis on the following sections:


2) Understand and comply with University Finance guidelines, policies and procedures


3) Ensure Pepperdine hiring and time-keeping practices are in compliance with federal and state law


4) Understand and familiarize yourself with Equal Opportunity policies and procedures


5) Understand your role in regards to emergency situations and complying with emergency procedures


6) Establish guidelines, policies and procedures for work life in your area


7) Understand, familiarize, and discuss with your area any relevant policies and procedures unique to your major area or department

  • Ergonomic evaluations
    • To schedule an appointment, contact Human Resources at 310-506-4397 or email
  • Driver Status Form
    • Contact the Office of Insurance and Risk at 310-506-6216


8) Increase your knowledge about communication skills and university procedures to effectively manage those in your area


9) Encourage your staff to attend University-sponsored events and various professional development opportunities


10) Understand and promote the importance of mentorship

  • Encourage your staff members to seek mentorship opportunities with a trusted and respected individual
  • Seek people who may benefit from your insight and your role as a mentor
  • Be open to those who have sought you as a mentor; be mindful of your responsibilities while remembering our call to live lives of purpose, service, and leadership
  • Utilize Human Resources for any questions you may have or ideas for a mentorship relationship


As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to any of the topics above or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources.