Teaching and Student Support Questions

Please direct unanswered questions to Kindy De Long.

Student Support Resources

  • What options are available to get access to textbooks for students?

For short portions of textbooks, it would be easiest to scan and post on Courses. This falls under Educational Fair Use. For longer portions, faculty may wish to contact the publisher who might be able to provide digital access. If faculty need support in this area, please contact Kindy De Long.

  • For those students directly affected by the fires, will there be loaner laptops for students when they return to campus?

The Student Care Team is looking into this and providing many resources for students who lost property in the fire. Please continue to refer specific student needs to Andrea Harris and La Shonda Coleman.

  • What university services can I offer to students who let me know that they have lost their residences?

For Seaver College, the Student Care Team can provide material support; please send students' information to La Shonda Coleman and Andrea Harris. Let students know about the Law School's Disaster Relief Clinic, which can provide legal aid and the services of the Counseling Center. For counseling, encourage them to call the Counseling Center at 310-506-4210. For pastoral care, students may contact the Office of the Chaplain and Associate Chaplain Eric Wilson at 310.506.4991.

Faculty Support and Resources

  • What options are available to get access to books for faculty?

Faculty may wish to contact the publisher who might be able to provide digital access. You may also contact your division's library liaison. Some books might be able to be made available electronically through Payson Library. If faculty need support in this area, please contact Kindy De Long.

  • What resources are available in the library? How can we get access to books and other non-digital resources?

Payson Library will be be posting info on the Woosley Fire FAQ page. Although there is no physical access to the library, electronic resources are available as usual and some remote support from librarians may be available in the future.

  • Is there anything that faculty in IP can do to help those in Malibu?

If you have access to textbooks that you can scan and send, that would be helpful.

  • How do I report information about how I taught remotely from 11/14 to 11/20?

David Holmes and Lisa Bortman are working on a method for faculty to report this information. Watch for information coming from them.

Class Activities

  • Is there an expectation that new material will be covered during this time?

Our syllabi state that certain content will be covered in the course. The goal is to meet the learning outcomes of the course by the end of the semester in a way that works for everyone given the various challenges. Faculty are encouraged to be creative and flexible in the process of meeting these outcomes.

  • If an exam was scheduled for next week is there a best practice about whether to reschedule or use an on-line format?

Use your wisdom. The college is giving wide latitude for faculty to use their best judgement in relationship to their specific course.

  • Is it okay to request that teams of students continue to work together on projects during this time away from campus?

Yes. Please use discretion knowing that students have been impacted in various degrees and in a variety of ways.

  • What if students can't meet the number of hours required for the internships in which they are enrolled?

Please contact Dana Dudley. We will work on a case-by-case basis to find solutions.

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Can students who are a part of the faculty student mentor program work remotely?

Yes. This has been confirmed by student employment. Students should submit hours to Kronos as usual.

  • What about meetings with students not tied to a particular class (such as work with the Graphic)? What resources are available?

The Zoom license provided to each faculty member accommodates groups of up to 100 participants at a time. This is not tied to a specific class so it can be used for needs outside of classes.


  • Are incompletes an option for students?

Yes. We will use our regular process to manage those requests.


  • Can students access the music practice rooms?

As campus is closed, there is no access to the music practice rooms. Faculty may wish to encourage students to find alternative places to practice. Students could possibly explain extenuating circumstances to other colleges and request access.

  • Are faculty and staff able to hotel or office at the West LA campus?

Other campuses (beside Calabasas, which is not open) are not set up with hotel functionality. However, if you need access to printers, scanning or other types of equipment, or workspaces, the campus may be able to accommodate. Contact them directly.