Academic Continuity Plan for Teaching and Learning

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Academic Continuity


This faculty resource has been established to share solutions for continuing coursework if meeting with students face-to-face is not possible. As extreme weather, natural disasters, or other unexpected events can disrupt scheduled courses, the tools and strategies described here can minimize the effects of those situations.

All faculty members should prepare for the possibility of an interruption to face-to-face instruction. This includes proactively communicating detailed instructional plans, expectations, and alternative instruction strategies in their course syllabi.

Instructors may wish to consider:

  • Having electronic copies of text material readily available
  • Encouraging all students to try a web conferencing tool during the first few weeks of class
  • Setting up additional instructional materials in Courses

For additional information, please see the emergency teaching and learning resources listed below.

Table of Contents


Live Group Online Training

Recorded Training Sessions


Additional Training



Best Practices for Online Teaching

As the instructor, you will have several options to continue instruction in the event of a campus closure. These can include live or synchronous class sessions, where you hold class remotely through phone or web conferencing options. You could also provide self-directed study options through asynchronous activities like readings, recorded lectures, forum discussions, or other possibilities. As the subject matter expert, you will review your learning objectives and specific teaching goals and align these with appropriate activities for academic continuity.

You may find these resources helpful:


Live Group Online Training

Join the Technology & Learning team for live, online training on a variety of topics.


If a time doesn't work or a topic isn't listed, Pepperdine faculty can request a one-on-one consultation.


Recorded Training Sessions

Learn from past training or webinar sessions.


Tools and Resources



Purpose: Quickly contact all enrolled students through email.

Pepperdine Email

Class Distribution Email Lists

Courses Announcements

Courses Messages

WaveNet Class Roster

Live/Synchronous Discussion

Purpose: Communicate in real-time with students remotely.

Zoom (up to 300 participants with phone conferencing)

Google Meet (up to 100 participants with phone conferencing)

Courses Chat (text-based instant messaging with a class)

Google Chat (text-based instant messaging with any Pepperdine community member; instructors can create a "room" and add all students into the room for Slack-like communication) (up to 1000 participants by phone)


Purpose: Provide self-directed discussion activities.

Courses Forums (facilitate class discussion)

Courses Blogs (facilitate student reflection and class comments)

Courses Lessons Student Pages (facilitate student reflection and class comments)

Courses Lessons Comments (facilitate class discussion about lesson content)

Courses Wiki (facilitate collaborative content creation)


Lectures or Readings

Purpose: Provide self-directed learning content.

Courses Lessons (create structured learning content, embed videos, and link to activities)

Courses Resources (post files and web links, such as PowerPoint or PDF files)

Google Drive (post files, such as PowerPoint or PDF files)

Library Reserves

Library Resources

PowerPoint Recording (record a lecture and post to Courses or Google Drive)

Quicktime Screen Recording for Mac (record a lecture, courtesy of Dr. Christopher Heard)

Web Conference Recording (use Zoom and then share link or post MP4 to Google Drive; be sure to include the transcriptions and closed-captions for all videos)


Papers, Quizzes, or Tests

Purpose: Assess student learning.

Courses Assignments (Assign, receive, and grade student papers; option for Turnitin)

Courses Tests & Quizzes (Schedule and grade online exams or quizzes)

Courses Gradebook (Share grades and feedback on student performance)


Additional Training


Schedule a Consultation

Technology and Learning Team (All schools for Courses, Turnitin, Zoom, and more)

GSEP Support (Qualtrics and other GSEP resources)

LawTech Team (ExamSoft, TWEN, other Law School resources)

PGBS Support (VoiceThread, Qualtrics, Yammer, Camtasia Relay, other PGBS resources)

PGBS eLearning (other PGBS resources)


Faculty Guides


Google Drive

Google Meet




Webinar Offerings

View a Schedule of Webinars

Pepperdine Help App on Courses (Sakai)

Step-by-step guidance for specific tools is available within Courses ( and can be accessed through the "Pepperdine Help" App at the bottom right corner. 

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 All Students

Purpose: Technical Support for all University Students


Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP)


Phone: 310.568.5600

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS)


Phone: 310.568.5644



Phone: 310.568.5574

Caruso School of Law (CSOL)


Phone: 310.506.7425

School of Public Policy (SPP)


Phone: 310.506.4357

Seaver College


Phone: 310.506.4357 

Pepperdine Libraries

Team Info: Library Subject Liaisons

Live Chat and more: Faculty Resources