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D.C.+ Academic Year Program


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What is D.C.+?

Two exciting cities. A global experience. A career head start. This is the DC+ program. Spend a semester in one of our incredible international programs, immersing yourself in a new culture and finding a new perspective. Spend another semester gaining invaluable work experience at an internship in our nation's capital. D.C.+ is the perfect program for the student who wants to expand their worldview and take the first important steps on their career path. Students can choose from D.C.+ Buenos Aires, D.C.+ Florence, D.C.+ Heidelberg, D.C.+ Switzerland, or D.C.+ London.


What are the benefits of doing the D.C.+ program compared to other options?

The D.C.+ program is ideal for students who are interested in adding a professional development experience to their academic year abroad. D.C.+ students integrate experiential learning from their international program with a hands-on internship experience in D.C. This allows them to explore the contrasts and connections of life abroad versus life in our nation's capital. 

What are my chances of getting in? Are they better?

We reserve spaces in each of our international programs specifically for participants in the D.C.+ program. This means D.C.+ applicants have a higher chance of admission than single semester applicants.

How will I be considered?

To be considered for the D.C.+ program, apply by the priority deadline and choose a D.C.+ program as one of your top 6 program and term choices on your supplemental application. You will be considered for your first choice program and term first, then second choice, etc. 

If you have specific D.C.+ preferences (for example you would prefer to go to D.C. in the fall, and abroad in the spring), please indicate these on your supplemental application in the space provided.

How many D.C.+ spots are available?

D.C.+ spaces vary from program to program and year to year, but we generally accept about 30 D.C.+ students per year. Students will be equally disbursed amongst our six campuses. Some students will begin in D.C. and then go abroad, and others will begin abroad and then go to D.C.

How do I apply?

Visit our Admissions page to learn more.