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Washington D.C. Plus

What is DC Plus (+) ?

Two exciting cities. A global experience. A career headstart. This is what you will be getting by participating in the DC+ program. Spend a semester in one of our incredible international programs, immersing yourself in a new culture and finding a new perspective. Spend another semester gaining invaluable work experience at an internship in our nation's capital. DC+ is the perfect program for the student who wants to expand their worldview and take the first important steps on their career path.



What are my chances of getting in? Are they better?

  • We reserve spots in each of our international programs specifically for participants in the DC+ program. With this considered, for international locations your chances are much better with the DC+ program thant just applying to a semester-only program

How am I considered?

  • You are first considered for the DC+ Program. If you are not admitted, you are then automatically considered for the AY (Academic Year) program of your choice.

How many DC Plus spots are available?

  • 30 total; 15 students start in DC then go abroad; 15 students start abroad then to go DC. Ideally, students will be equally disbursed amongst the six locations.

What is the application process?

  • Apply online through WaveNet. Pick the DC+ program that you are interested in. Complete the application online: there will be two essays and two surveys to complete. On the final page of the application, once you've submitted it, you will see instructions on how to set up two interviews. You will need to interview with the abroad Visiting Faculty, as well as the DC visiting faculty. 

DC + Buenos Aires*

DC + Florence*

DC + Heidelberg*

DC + Lausanne*

DC + London*

DC + Shanghai*

*Links coming soon!