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The Pepperdine Global Fellows Program

The Pepperdine Global Fellows Program is a distinctive community of Pepperdine students who are motivated to create positive change in the world. The PGF experience is a transformational leadership program that combines global engagement, intercultural training, academic excellence, community service, and real-world professional experience, all designed to prepare fellows with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in a rapidly-changing, increasingly complex world.


Application deadline: October 2024 at 11:59pm PT, (Date To Be Announced)

The Mission of the Pepperdine Global Fellows Program

To equip and empower a community of purpose-driven, global leaders to be agents of change through integrated professional development, intercultural learning, and academic excellence.



Pepperdine Global Fellows Program

The PGF program uniquely prepares students to:

  • Engage in global entrepreneurship, service, research, or mission work
  • Create a network of professionals and mentors to support personal and career development now and in the future
  • Lead and communicate effectively through cultural humility and global competence
  • Collaborate with communities around the world to affect change 

 What Does the PGF Program Require?

The PGF program is an academic certificate program designed to integrate global, intercultural, and real-world experiences into the Seaver College experience through coursework, study abroad, internships, language training, and leadership opportunities. This highly selective program accepts 20-30 Seaver College students each year. Students apply in the first semester of their freshman year.

To earn the certificate and participate in the program, PGFs must meet the following requirements:

1) Complete an academic year abroad in one of Pepperdine's international programs:

a. Buenos Aires                b. Florence                 c. Heidelberg

d. Switzerland                      f. London                   

Note: As an alternative to a full year in one program, PGFs can complete one semester in a European program and one semester in a non-European program. Important: summer programs do not fulfill this requirement.

2) Earn a 3.0 in all the following required courses (22-23 units):

Required Courses (22 - 23 units)
Global Understanding
INTS 250 Thinking Globally 3 units
INTS 480 Global Leadership Seminar (offered only in DC) 4 units
One of the following:
COM 419 Communication and Conflict 3 units
COM 514 International Communication & Negotiation 4 units
INTS 414 International Diplomacy (offered in Malibu and DC) 4 units
Foreign Language
LANG 252 252 Language Course or Equivalent 4 units
LANG 300-400 Upper Division Language Course 4 units
Global Internship
WAIN 495 Washington D.C. Internship (offered only in DC) 4 units


3) Complete a one semester internship through the Washington DC Program. Internships must be conducted with an organization that has a global scope in its mission or operations.


      4) Participate in mentoring from your IP Director and your D.C. Career Mentor.

 How Do I Become a Global Fellow?

There are two ways to become a Global Fellow:

1) Apply during the first semester of your freshman year.

Interested students should plan to apply in the fall of their freshman year. This enables PGFs to complete the certificate requirements in four years.

The application process is as follows:

Pepperdine Global Fellows Fall 2022 Application Timeline:
  • August TBD, 2023: PGF Applications Open Students must be logged in to their Pepperdine email account to access the application.
  • October 23, 2023 at 11:59pm PST: Deadline to submit PGF application by the Priority Deadline.
  • November TBD, 2023: PGF Decisions Announced - Fall 2023 applicants who are selected for the program must register in INTS 250 - Thinking Globally for the Spring 2024 term. Instructions for course registration will be provided.

2) Secure a nomination from your IP Program Director in January of your sophomore year.

If you did not apply as a freshman and are interested in joining the PGF program, please speak with your program director while abroad.

 What do Pepperdine Global Fellows receive upon completion of the program?

The PGF program is an academic certificate program. On your official academic transcript, the University will acknowledge your completion of the Global Fellows Certificate Program.


Can I put this on my resume?

Yes! Future employers will be impressed to know that you were a Pepperdine Global Fellow. But more importantly, you will have the knowledge, skills and character to affect change and provide valuable leadership to employers.


Contact Information

Dr. Ronald R. Cox, Dean of International Programs

Thalia Markowski, PGF Ambassador and PGF participant