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Undergraduate Global Fellows Certificate

This is a program designed to produce the next generation of leaders who have the global knowledge, skills, and character necessary to confront the world's most pressing problems. This is accomplished by offering a required package of multidisciplinary courses, a long-term overseas experience, an internationally focused internship in Washington DC and career mentoring. Like a minor, it is designed to accompany most majors. In addition to prescribed coursework, the program requires the student to study overseas for one full academic year and one semester in Washington DC. Students completing the Global Fellows Program will receive a certificate of completion that will appear on their academic transcript.


Students are admitted to the program by enrolling in the course INTS 250 Thinking Globally. (Admission to the Global Fellows Program is limited; students must obtain special permission from the instructor to enroll in the course.)

Program Requirements

In the Global Fellows Certificate program, students complete courses that address global exposure, foreign language acquisition, cross-cultural communication skills, and career and leadership development. They also are required to participate in an international experience, the Washington DC program, and career and post-graduation mentoring, as described below.To receive a certificate, students must complete all of the following requirements and achieve a minimum GPA of 3.000 for all courses in the Global Fellows Program.

Required Courses ( 22 - 23 units )

INTS 250

Thinking Globally

3 credits

INTS 252

Language Course

4 credits


Language Course

4 credits

INTS 480

Global Leadership Seminar

4 credits

WAIN 495

Washington DC Internship

4 credits


COM 519

International Communication & Negotiation OR 

Communication and Conflict

3 credits OR

4 credits

International Experience Requirement (choose one option)*

  • Option 1) Fall and spring semester in one overseas IP location
  • Option 2) One semester in a European program and one semester in a non-European program or one semester in Buenos Aires and one semester in Shanghai.

Note: IP summer programs do not fulfill this requirement.


Washington DC Requirement

  • Required to spend either a fall or spring semester in Washington DC program.
  • Required to do a DC internship (WAIN 495) with an organization that has a global scope in its mission or operations.


Career and Post-Graduation Mentoring

  • Required to participate in mentoring with IP directors through regular meetings and leadership in the Listening Summits and IP cultural engagement activities.
  • Required to meet regularly with a DC career mentor.