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TimelyCare- 24/7 Virtual Health Care Services

Student using phone for medical appointment.

Pepperdine University has partnered with TimelyCare to offer students free access to medical support through the TimelyCare platform. TimelyCare serves as a 24/7 virtual extension of the Student Health Center, with the goal of supporting student well-being. Through TimelyCare on their phone or other device, students can select from a wide-ranging menu of virtual care options from licensed physicians in all 50 states.

The partnership with TimelyCare allows Pepperdine to deliver a hybrid model of care in collaboration with on-campus resources. Benefits to students include:

  • Convenient 24/7 care – Physical health issues often present themselves outside regular business hours
  • Reduced wait times – Typical consultations for on-demand services through TimelyCare begin within 5-10 minutes
  • Diverse clinician network – In addition to being from diverse backgrounds, TimelyCare clinicians are trained to be culturally competent
  • Peace of mind – TimelyCare is a safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant platform that follows campus-specific protocols to facilitate care coordination and follow-up to ensure continuity of care

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Ensuring the Right Care, at the Right Time, in the Right Place

Students are encouraged first to seek medical care at the Student Health Center. When medical attention is required outside of business hours or if a convenient appointment is unavailable at the SHC, students should utilize TimelyCare. Since TimelyCare is an outside vendor contracted with the University, its clinicians are not part of the SHC medical team. However, as part of their agreement to the Terms of Service when students register their TimelyCare accounts, their records will be shared with licensed health care professionals at Pepperdine.


  General Information

What is TimelyCare?

TimelyCare is a virtual health and well-being platform available 24/7 for Pepperdine students.

Who can use TimelyCare's services?

Any currently enrolled Pepperdine student who paid the Wellness Fee.

How do I log in?

Mobile Users

  1. Download the TimelyCare app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register using your Pepperdine email address.
  3. Press "Get Care" to get started.

Desktop Users

  1. Visit the TimelyCare sign in webpage.
  2. Press "Sign In" to get started.

Note: If you are being asked to pay for a visit, please reach out to TimelyCare customer support at 833.4.TIMELY immediately.

I'm under the age of 18 years old. Can I access care?

Yes. If you are under the age of 18, please call TimelyCare's customer support team with your parent and/or guardian present at 833.4.TIMELY.

  Available Health Services

What type of care does TimelyCare offer?

TimelyCare offers scheduled and on-demand medical visits. Its licensed clinicians are trained to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Below are some of the most common.

Most common medical conditions:

  • Cold
  • Sinus infection
  • Sore throat
  • Rashes
  • Bladder infection (UTI)
  • Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)
  • Vaginal yeast infection

Other medical conditions treated:

  • Canker or cold sore
  • Stye (bumps on the eyelid)
  • Swimmer's ear (ear pain)
  • Burns (minor)
  • Low back pain
  • Insect bites (head lice, tick bite, etc.)
  • Quit tobacco
  • Allergies/hay fever
  • Acne
  • Athlete's foot
  • Chickenpox
  • Eczema or dermatitis
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Ringworm
  • Shingles
  • Tinea (fungal skin infection)
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Heartburn or acid reflux (GERD)
  • Malaria prevention
  • Motion sickness prevention
  • And more
  Hours and Timing

When are services available?

Students can complete an online visit at any time, 24 hours a day.

What is the wait time to see a clinician?

TimelyCare's average wait time is three to seven minutes.

  Treatment and Diagnosis

Who makes the diagnosis?

A licensed, board-certified TimelyCare clinician will review and discuss your concerns, make a diagnosis, and develop your treatment plan.

What if TimelyCare cannot provide a diagnosis?

TimelyCare does its best to treat you remotely, and not every condition can be treated via TimelyCare. If your concern cannot be addressed through TimelyCare, you may be directed to the Student Health Center.


Can I get a prescription?

TimelyCare clinicians are licensed and able to prescribe certain medications as part of your care plan, if clinically appropriate. TimelyCare clinicians can also refill short-term supplies of maintenance medications in the event of a patient's transition to a new clinician or inability to get in touch with their primary care physician due to limited hours or appointments. TimelyCare clinicians do not supply long-term medications for chronic illness and encourage patients to see their primary care physician at least once a year. TimelyCare clinicians do not provide prescriptions for controlled substances, lifestyle medications, or other potentially high-risk drugs. TimelyCare is not an online pharmacy and cannot fill prescriptions. If a prescription medication is part of your treatment plan, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. You are responsible for the cost of any prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments, or follow-up visits you may need related to prescriptions.

How can I get my prescription filled?

If a prescription is clinically appropriate, it will be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice. When you are filling out your intake information, you will select a local pharmacy that is convenient for you.

Will my prescription be covered by my insurance policy?

Most pharmacies accept most insurance plans. That said, please verify that the pharmacy you select is within your covered network before sending your prescription. If needed, you can request a pharmacy change by calling TimelyCare support at 833.4.TIMELY.

Can I get a discount on my prescription?

TimelyCare offers a free prescription discount card in the TimelyCare App under the Additional Resources section.


How much does a visit cost?

All eligible students receive free visits.

Will I be asked for payment information?

No, you will not be asked for credit card information or proof of insurance.

  Records, Security, and Technology

If I need to reschedule my visit or have a clinical concern, what should I do?

Please contact TimelyCare's Customer Support team at 833.4.TIMELY if you need help scheduling a visit, want to share a concern, or have any other issues or questions.

How can I access or share my visit records?

If you are a TimelyCare patient, your visit records will be saved as part of your medical records. As part of your agreement to the Terms of Service when you register your account, your records will be shared with licensed medical clinicians and counselors at Pepperdine. If you want to share your records with a physician outside of TimelyCare, you can print or email your records, or call 833.4.TIMELY to have TimelyCare send a copy of your records to your clinician.

Is my personal information safe?

All the information you provide is encrypted and protected. TimelyCare's Terms of Service gives more information.

How can I access online telehealth services?

You can access services from any web-enabled device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet) by downloading the TimelyCare app.


Can I access telehealth services outside of the United States?

Due to licensing laws, telehealth services are not available outside of the United States.

Is TimelyCare accessible to individuals with disabilities?

Yes. Please make sure your accessibility preferences on your device are enabled. When you download the TimelyCare mobile application, those settings will be applied to the app.

Cancellation Policy

For all appointment-based visits, the patient may cancel up to 24 hours prior to the time of the visit. Within 24 hours of the visit time, it will be considered a no-show, and the patient may incur a fee.




Please contact TimelyCare's Customer Support team at 833.4.TIMELY.