New Students

NSO Leaders

Congratulations and welcome to Pepperdine University! The Student Health Center is staffed with board-certified physicians, a physician assistant, a registered dietitian-nutritionist, registered nurses, medical assistants, and administrative personnel. The SHC operates similarly to a family physician's office and demonstrates the latest in health standards, allowing students to acquire care from highly trained medical professionals right here on campus. Available services include a wide range of everyday health needs, including men's and women's health, care for illness and injury, immunizations, injections, labs, nutrition, respiratory problems, and dermatology. The SHC also offers specialized clinics such as flu vaccination, travel medicine, massage therapy, and STI/HIV testing.

COVID-19 Viral Test Recommendation

For the safety of all community members, we strongly recommend you take a COVID-19 viral test (not an antibody test) about 7 days (and not more than 10 days) prior to your arrival to campus to ensure you do not have a current infection. If you take the test about 7 days prior to your arrival, the test result should be back before you access any Pepperdine campus. You may upload the test result into your patient portal so that it becomes part of your medical record.

Note: While the University strongly recommends taking a test prior to arrival, it is not required. We understand that many parts of the country currently have extremely limited testing capabilities, and that is out of the control of incoming students. Not obtaining a test, while recommended, will not affect the student's ability to register for classes, move into campus residence halls, or attend classes.

New Student Requirements