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Main Office

Phone: (310) 506-4397
Fax: (310) 506-4839
E-mail: humanresources@pepperdine.edu

Office Location: Thornton Administration Center, Suite 120

Mailing Address:
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263-4397
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Please check the Pepperdine Jobs website for all available staff opportunities, or check with the appropriate school for faculty openings.

For more information on employment or the application process, please contact our Employment Team at (310) 506-4397 or via e-mail at employment@pepperdine.edu.


Pepperdine University contracts with HostedHR (a third-party service vendor) to provide employment and income verification services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through the Verification Manager website. Pepperdine does not respond directly to any employment verification requests.

Employment Verification Requests

1. Ask your creditor or background check service to submit a verification request directly to HostedHR via the following methods:

  • Website – Create a verifier account at www.VerificationManager.com
  • Email – verifications@verificationmanager.com
  • Fax – (888) 834-9007

2. Navigate to VerifcationManager.com and login to your account or register for an account if you do not already have one.

3. Review the details of the information request to confirm you know the verifier and the reason for the request.

4. Click approve or deny.

Verification of employee information is instantaneous once you approve the request. 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

To submit a request for approval of a PSLF form, Human Resources will need a copy of your completed formto review. Submit your completed copy to Human Resources and fill out the accompanying Google Form

Our Team

Function Contact Person Ext.
Benefits Megan Manary Capul
Michelle del Giudice
Employee Relations Questions

Greyson Orellana 


Total Compensation Logan White 6248
Engagement Team
Todd Creekmore
Employment Team
Emily Bentley
Roline Attia
Elise Brodie
Equal Opportunity Questions
Greyson Orellana 
Employment Verifications Human Resources 4397
Resignations Roline Attia
Mia Dixon
Leaves & Absences Megan Manary Capul
Michelle del Giudice
Employee Service Awards

Todd Creekmore

Retirement Megan Manary Capul
Michelle del Giudice
Schedule Lamb and TAC 1 Conference Rooms Human Resources 4397
Student Employment Shelby White 4177
Tuition Remission Mia Dixon 4530
Vanpool Program Greyson Orellana 4190
Workers' Compensation Program Greyson Orellana 4190