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It's IP Decision Day! Now What?

IP Decision Day.

For some, this is a throw-confetti-in-the-air, wave-your-hands-like-you-just-don't-care kind of day. For others, it might bring disappointment or frustration.

Whatever you're feeling - it's okay! No matter what decision you received, this is the start of a new chapter in the (sometimes painful) growing process that comes with studying abroad. So what now?

If You Got In

Way to go! Call your mom screaming, throw a quick dance party, you're going abroad!!! 

Now it's time to sign your contract! For students accepted on Priority Decision Day, contracts will be available to sign on the Monday following decision day, and must be signed by no later than 1 week later on Monday at 12 noon PT. Check our Calendar page for exact dates and deadlines. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Your IP contract is just that - a binding, legal document. Therefore it is extreeeeeemely important that you:

1. Attend the Accepted Students Information Session.

Since navigating the technical logistics and understanding the legalese in your contract is so important, you are required to attend the Accepted Students Information Session to ensure you understand your responsibilities as an IP participant. Check our Calendar page for the date and time. If you can't make the session, you are required to review the detailed instructions on this page and complete the make-up quiz that was emailed to you. A recording of the session will also be available on our website.

2. READ your contract.

This is not one of those "terms and conditions" pop-ups where you keep clicking "accept" until the site finally loads! You really, really, really need to know what you are agreeing to. Check out the sample versions here, and log into your WaveNet account to read the real thing.

3. Double and triple check with your academic and financial aid advisor.

Hopefully you did this before you applied, but if not, DON'T SIGN until you get approval from these folks. You should also make an academic plan in Navigate and get it approved by an Academic Advisor. 

4. Talk to the 'rents.

ESPECIALLY if they are the ones financing your trip! Our Finances, Health and Safety and Parents pages are good places to point them if they have questions. If you're a minor, they'll need to sign off on your contract as well.

5. Sign your Contract.

Instructions on how to do it are available here. If you were accepted to an Internship program, DC+, or are a minor, pay special attention to the instructions for your specific scenario.

Once you've signed, you're in! We'll contact you with info on your next steps.

6. Celebrate with us!

Join us for the IP Bound: The Launch! Follow @pepperdineip to stay up to date, and keep an eye on your email for an invitation to connect with your cohort and get to know your Faculty-in-Residence at an upcoming event.

If You Didn't Get In

We know this is tough. But remember, 1 out of 3 students don't get into their first choice program, so you're not alone! First things first: give yourself some time to process. Adjusting expectations can be hard, but this doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to go abroad - it just means you might need to be more flexible about where or when you go.

When you're ready to move forward, we really encourage you to come to our session for waitlisted students so you can learn about your options (check our Calendar page for details). 

At the Waitlisted Students Information Session, we'll go over options like switching your application to another program or remaining on the waitlist for your current program. If you can't make the session, feel free to review the information on our Next Steps page or connect with us virtually if you have questions. The recording of the session will also be available on our website

Remember that the IP Ambassadors are great people to seek out if you have questions or just need a listening ear.

Be open to all programs - they might surprise you!

Be open to the new and unexpected - you might surprise yourself! 

The Bottom Line

Whether the news you got today was dazzling or disappointing, remember that you're one step closer to an adventure. Our goal is to see every qualified student at Pepperdine GO ABROAD, so if you have questions or need help making that happen, let us know!