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Photo of Kristin Bailey

Kristin Bailey

Senior Manager

Dr. Kristin Bailey leads the Technology and Learning group. She has a background in education, counseling, and educational leadership, administration, and policy. Prior to joining Information Technology, Kristin served as the Associate Program Director with Pepperdine's Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) for eight years. Her primary role was supporting education faculty across three master's programs and one doctoral program.

Kristin is passionate about furthering the team's goals in promoting and researching effective uses of educational technologies in partnership with Pepperdine faculty.

(310) 506-4970 | kristin.bailey@pepperdine.edu

Photo of Landon Phillips

Landon Phillips

Lead Instructional Designer

Landon Phillips serves as Lead Instructional Designer in the Technology and Learning group. His primary responsibilities include meeting with and assisting faculty in implementing new technologies into their curriculum, producing graphic/video training content, and creating promotional materials.

He is passionate about incorporating design and game based learning principles into the classroom to enhance faculty messages and learning outcomes. A proud Pepperdine alumnus, he has also spent several years working in the advertising industry.

(310) 506-7533 | landon.h.phillips@pepperdine.edu

Photo of Yonah Feinstein

Yonah Feinstein

Instructional Consultant

Yonah Feinstein serves as Instructional Consultant for the Technology and Learning group. He received his Masters in Education from the American Jewish University in the spring of 2014, and a BA in History of Art and Visual Culture from The University of California: Santa Cruz in 2006. He has spent the last few years developing technology curriculum for private schools throughout the Los Angeles area, and before that as a business and family educator at Apple.

(310) 506-6385 | yonah.feinstein@pepperdine.edu

Paul Stenis

Paul Stenis

Lead Instructional Designer

Paul Stenis serves as Lead Instructional Designer for the Technology and Learning group. He has taught freshman composition, worked as an editor of textbooks, and served as the Librarian for Emerging Technology for Pepperdine Libraries. His most recent role encompassed a range of duties, including instructional design, web design, outreach, training, grant writing, and maker spaces.

Paul hopes to instill confidence in Pepperdine faculty through ongoing conversation.

(310) 506-4379 | paul.stenis@pepperdine.edu