Photo of Kristin Bailey

Kristin Bailey

Senior Manager

Dr. Kristin Bailey leads the Technology and Learning team. She has a background in education, counseling, and educational leadership, administration, and policy. Prior to joining Information Technology, Kristin served as the Associate Program Director with Pepperdine's Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) for eight years. Her primary role was supporting education faculty across three master's programs and one doctoral program.

Kristin is passionate about furthering the team's goals in promoting and researching effective uses of educational technologies in partnership with Pepperdine faculty.

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Instructional Design

Photo of Landon Phillips

Landon Phillips

Lead Instructional Designer

Landon Phillips serves as Lead Instructional Designer in the Technology and Learning team. His primary responsibilities include meeting with and assisting faculty in implementing new technologies into their curriculum, producing graphic/video training content, and creating promotional materials.

He is passionate about incorporating design and game based learning principles into the classroom to enhance faculty messages and learning outcomes. A proud Pepperdine alumnus, he has also spent several years working in the advertising industry.

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Natalina Parker

Lead Instructional Designer

Natalina Parker serves as Lead Instructional Designer in the Technology and Learning team. Her primary responsibilities include working closely with faculty to develop curriculum that align with course learning objectives, develop faculty professional development opportunities that provide effective solutions to promote student engagement and interaction, and advance the TechLearn Faculty Conference.

Natalina has garnered over fourteen years of experience in educational technology in both K-8 and Higher Ed settings. Throughout her years of experience, she has developed an excellent understanding of learning management and student information systems, as well as web-conferencing platforms and other collaboration tools. She is a proud alumna of the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Instructional Technology

John C. Buckingham

John C. Buckingham

Senior Lead Instructional Technologist

John C. Buckingham serves as the Senior Lead Instructional Technologist in the Technology and Learning team. His primary duties include administration of Courses (powered by Sakai), consultation with faculty on the pedagogical utility of our learning tools, and research on new and innovative learning technologies for Pepperdine.

John has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from University of California, Irvine and has recently completed his Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies from the California State University Long Beach. John hopes to bring in his love for the humanities and technology to provide greater value in teaching and learning at Pepperdine. He loves technology, history, languages and the merging of all three.

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Aaron Gibson

Aaron Gibson

Senior Instructional Technologist

Aaron Gibson serves as Senior Instructional Technologist for the Technology and Learning team. His role is to assist faculty in implementing technology into the curriculum, create and maintain training content, and collaborate with key stakeholders to research, evaluate, and implement new technologies.

Aaron is passionate about technology and brings several years of industry experience in software training and technical issue resolution to the team.

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