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Alan Regan

Alan Regan

Senior Director, IT Client Services

Alan Regan is the Senior Director of IT Client Services at Pepperdine University. With over 20 years of professional experience, Alan is passionate about helping the academic community use technology to create efficiencies, address challenges, promote accessibility, and meet teaching and learning objectives. In his role, he oversees the two education areas of "Technology & Learning" and "IT Training." In addition to his day job, Alan enjoys teaching the occasional business computing class as an adjunct professor. He has also served on the conference committee for the Jasig-Sakai conference (2012) and the Open Apereo conference (2013, 2014, 2017-2022). In 2013, Alan was recognized as an Apereo Sakai Fellow for his contributions to the Sakai community. In 2022, he was awarded an Apereo Dolphin Fellowship for his continued efforts in the Sakai community and championing open-source in higher education.

(310) 506-6756 | alan.regan@pepperdine.edu

Jordan Lott

Jordan Lott

Senior Manager, Technology & Learning and IT Training

Jordan Lott is the Senior Manager of Technology & Learning and IT Training at Pepperdine University. Jordan began his career at Pepperdine in the Audio/Visual Technologies group, managing the day-to-day operations of the AV checkout office and training students on the ins and outs of AV Technologies. With a Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology from Texas State University and a Master of Fine Art in Cinematic Media Production from Pepperdine, Jordan took over the IT Communication duties for Pepperdine IT and created student-oriented content to tell the story of IT. During that tenure, Jordan was an important player in the 2016 rollout of Google Workspace across the University. Jordan completed his Master's degree in 2017 and then became the Manager for IT Training, increasing the number of training classes offered and adding new classes and custom departmental training offerings. Jordan brings a passion for change management and a vision for improving digital literacy across the organization. Jordan was promoted to Senior Manager of Technology & Learning and IT Training in 2022.

(310) 506-4985 | jordan.lott@pepperdine.edu

Instructional Design

Bridgette Yaxley

Bridgette Yaxley

Senior Instructional Designer

Bridgette Yaxley is the Senior Instructional Designer in the Technology & Learning team. Her primary role is to assist faculty with course development, implementation of technology into the curriculum, creating and maintaining training content, providing consultation with faculty on the pedagogical utility of our learning tools, and collaborating with key stakeholders to research, evaluate and implement innovative learning technologies for Pepperdine University.

With over 20 years of experience in online teaching and learning, instructional technologies, curriculum development and pedagogical practices, Bridgette is enthusiastic about demonstrating learner-centered Hyflex course re(design) that meets accessibility standards and utilizes a wealth of digital resources to enrich the experience for everyone. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner and educator, Bridgette earned a Master's degree in Education from SUNY College at Brockport, a Master's degree in Education, majoring in Teaching & Curriculum, from the University of Rochester, where her thesis research focused on how to best support faculty during professional development in online course design, and is currently ABD in the completion of her doctorate degree majoring in Instructional Technologies. Bridgette also completed two consecutive internships in the Virtual Student Foreign Services program at the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Education & Cultural Affairs, researching ways to utilize online learning to increase international student populations at American higher education institutions through scholarship programs. Both internships and Bridgette’s level of dedication were commended by the U.S. Secretary of State. Additionally, Bridgette is a filmmaker, a multi-award-winning screenwriter, and a founder of her own production company, Trailblazing Female Productions LLC, directing and producing films by underrepresented voices.

310-506-4379 | bridgette.yaxley@pepperdine.edu

Instructional Technology

Leanne Poduska

Leanne Poduska

Learning Technologies Administrator

Leanne Poduska is the Learning Technologies Administrator in the Technology & Learning Team. Leanne has many years of experience in overseeing learning management systems (LMS) in higher education and the implementation of tools within the LMS. Leanne enjoys problem-solving and troubleshooting, plus she is a strong believer in providing excellent customer service. She understands the importance of meeting the needs of both students and instructors.

Leanne earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication at California State University, Fresno, and a Master’s in Education at Ashford University.  Additionally, Leanne is a sports enthusiast, from hiking to playing tennis, and watching the football games her husband coaches and her kids play. She also enjoys reading and listening to podcasts.


DeJuan Oliver

DeJuan Oliver

Senior Instructional Technologist

DeJuan Oliver serves as the Senior Instructional Technologist in the Technology and Learning team. His role is to assist faculty in implementing technology into the curriculum, create and maintain training content, and collaborate with key stakeholders to research, evaluate, and implement new technologies.

DeJuan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology & Sociology from The Ohio State University. He is an innovative and results-driven leader with a proven track record of success managing, designing, developing, and implementing training programs using a multitude of interactive methods, including virtual facilitation and hands-on training.

(310) 506-6385 | dejuan.oliver@pepperdine.edu