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Flipped Classroom Certificate


Are you interested in flipped teaching, an approach to place instructional content online and pivot class time to discussions and activities to promote student engagement and learning?  Consider attending one of our flipped classroom certificate programs.

Flipped Classroom Certificate

During the summer, the Technology and Learning team partners with Dr. Chris Heard, Director of Seaver's Center for Teaching Excellence, to offer a professional development program centered on flipped teaching.  The 4-day program covers flipped classroom and backward design pedagogies. Attendees practice with an array of technology tools, collaborate with colleagues, and discuss how flipped approaches continue to evolve.

Flipped Classroom Open House and Reunion

During the fall term, we host a half-day event that is open to all faculty at Pepperdine, whether you attended one of our certificate cohorts or not!  Join faculty participants of previous flipped classroom cohorts who will share their best flipped classroom practices.  It's a great opportunity to connect (or reconnect!) with peers and to learn more about flipped teaching.