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Open Apereo 2017

Annual Meeting

Each year, the Technology and Learning group invites faculty to attend select educational technology conferences. The Open Apereo annual meeting will be held on June 4-8, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. 

This year, a number of Pepperdine faculty members attended the conference. The Technology and Learning team contributed to several presentations: Landon Phillips, lead instructional designer, presented on teaching and learning methods that increase student retention. He also presented on alternative methods of assessing student's learning by using interactive, game-based learning techniques. Yonah Feinstein, the instructional consultant at Technology and Learning, gave a presentation on using attractive and customizable course site templates to provide students and faculty with a clearer platform to seek autodidactic instruction and curriculum engagement. 

Technology and Learning extended an invitation to Pepperdine faculty members to attend Open Apereo. At the conference, faculty members were given opportunities for professional development as well as a chance to identify and share products and strategies to promote student learning. We would like to thank the following faculty members for joining us this year:

Faculty Member Title Department
Kristin Bailey Senior Manager IT
Yonah Feinstein Instructional Consultant IT
Tanya Hart Associate Professor Seaver/History
David Perez Lead Client Technologies Analyst GSBM/Online Programs
Landon Phillips Lead Instructional Designer IT
Alan Regan Director Of Client Services IT
Eva Sagastume eLearning Quality Assurance Coordinator GSBM
Paul Stenis Librarian for Instructional Design, Outreach, and Training Library
Shelley Stewart eLearning Director GSBM
Robert Telmar Lead Client Technologies Analyst GSBM/Online Programs
Ricardo Vigil Director of Field Experience GSEP/Teacher Education

 Join Us

Are you interested in accompanying the Technology and Learning team to a conference? Check your Pepperdine email for upcoming opportunities!